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What/Who do you love?
It czab be an object, a person, or both. Even an animal!
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S E N P A I ?
baka baka nya chu chu
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If I died, who would care.
I won't but just asking
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Roast Me I Guess
I'm already a piece of trash IDC
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Who would you KMK?
Um KMK Stands for Kiss Marry Kill so just think of people you know and choose what you would do :'3 Mine are: Kiss: Izzy, Marry: Noa, Kill: Luan
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How do you say, I LOVE YOU?
If I'm on Qfeast, yea sure. But if I'm on voice chat or see them IRL, nope. Not even my parents XD IDK why I ask, just in case I wanna. So happy day to you! And tell me plz
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Would you risk your life for someone you love?
UM SO I just kinda want rep points so I made this! And my answer is yes.
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Someone is lying to me
Actually, it's 2 people. One of them says ridiculous things, like "I made Happy Tree Friends!" or "I'm colorblind!" while the other says more reasonable things, like "I don't like your!" or "I have 7 GXS on Pokemon!". Yet I kno...
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Am I Desperate
I need an honest opinion here
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If I sit on an egg, will it break?
I hope the answer is no. I like my eggs to be unbroken when I eat them scrambled.
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What Fandoms Are You Into?
I need more friends and you'll probably be my best friend if you like Popee the Performer or BFDI.
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How are you doing today?
Hopefully your doing good :'3 You can talk about ur day because I've had the worst day and I want to tell you your life is better than mine. Raichu: I has spare batteries if uz hungry.
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