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What's the most difficult game?
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What are the up's and down's of getting gauges?
My Aunt and, Uncle were arguing over if I should get gauges or earrings. I'm interested in getting like, fake gauges or, something like that. But I wanna be sure. I know this is really stupid but-- Ehhh?
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Do you still watch Cartoons?
Are you at the point where people tell you to stop watching cartoons and, grow up? If so, do you watch them anyway?
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Which Gems are most likeable?
I am not asking, "who's your favorite gem?". I'm asking, "what type of gems do people admire the most?". For example, Pearls, Peridots, Lapis', Diamonds, Etc.
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I wanna make a make a story (Fanfiction?) but, where should I do it?
Like, should I upload it here, or on watpad?(I know there's two T's shut up) I dunno? Just where?
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Am I a good person?
I just feel like a piece of shit because something happened with a friend. And also because I AM a piece of shit because I hurt my friends and leave them, then I tell them off. THEN I beg for someone to love me, cause Autophobi...
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Why is Hetalia so popular?
I'm just wondering why everyone likes it so much? I like it a little bit, but then I see a whole ton of it everywhere! Whyyy?
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Who lives in a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple ?
Under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple under a pineapple?
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Have youever gotten a bite or a bruise without knowing how you got it?
I have one on my arm, and I don't really know how I got it. I want to know if there's anyone who has the same time as me.
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Who knows the movie "The Babadook"?
Please I wanna know who knows this. I wanna see if I have friends who know movies cause I need friends. Also cause Whether it's in a page or in a look, you can't get rid of the Babadook.
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Who here knows Tape Face?
Tape face is a guy that's from America's got talent, and I was wondering if anyone else enjoys his preformances
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Who here is Eddsworld trash?
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Who's your favorite Gorillaz member? Who's your least favorite?
Am I annoying? And if not then what do you think of me?
I know it sounds desperate, but I want to know know what i'm doing wrong... Please.
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Be honest,when I show you this pic,Do you ship it?!?!
Cause at school everyone ships it! it's fine if you do,but why?! We just wear the same sweater! That's it!
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What's your favorite Mountain dew flavor?
just bored...
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What's your opinion on"L"?He's a character for one of my games
yup,his name's L. It's short for Luke,my friend gave him the nickname. (I drew this a while ago)
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