Look what personality I've got! What about you?
Shy and quiet, but is mostly kind
Shy and quiet, but is mostly kind
Jeremy Fitzgerald! You actually can get Jeremy to talk! How sweet!
Vincent: SHE TO DANG NICE!!!! ..... But that's why you GOTTA love her..... -3-'
Mike: Ses a little annoying at first, because she's so quiet, but she's a real sweetheart actually.
You: *Furious blush* P-P-Please d-don't call me t-that....
Fritz: *Noms on his gallon of ice cream* She's nice
Jeremy: She actually gets WHY I'm so quiet and shy, and that's why she's my.... F-Friend.... *Turns a light pink*
Phone Guy: She's alright.
on May 04, 2016
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on May 04, 2016