Mistletoe Kisses, Gifts, Cheer, and Christmas Romance

Mistletoe Kisses, Gifts, Cheer, and Christmas Romance

Christmas is coming around, so I figured hey why not write some Christmas ship stories? LETS DO IT! All ship stories here are Christmas themed obviously. I'll do my best to match personalities of the characters. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Christmas Dogs and Confessions

Christmas Dogs and Confessions

Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, had recently gone through vicious turmoil against the evil Orochimaru, where half the village was reduced to rubble during the Chūnin exams by both Orochimaru's summoned snakes and assassins from the Hidden Sound. The attack resulting in the death of the third Hokage, however, things were finally starting to look up for the village as the village was fully rebuilt, just in time for December. The cold winds brought chills to the village, white powdery snow dusted the ground, and everyone continued on with their daily lives.
It was Christmas Eve when a kunoichi and her wolf were walking the bustling streets of Konoha, Taylor and her wolf Akira to be exact. She smiled and waved to those who greeted her, bowing politely to her upperclassmen such as the Jonin or Anbu Black Ops, ocassionally the elderly she happened to pass by. Even Naruto yelled a hello to her even though he was almost right next to her at Ichiraku Ramen, which she gladly returned his greeting even though her ears were ringing from his shouts.
She was wearing her usual winter attire along with the symbolic Chūnin vest every Genin ninja would receive after passing the Chūnin exams, which were decided by Lady Fifth Hokage herself. Her red scarf wrapped carefully around her throat, black gloves covered her hands, black baggy jeans reached towards her feet, and white winter boots chuffed along as they crunched against the snow under her feet. Akira shook his fluffy silky red, white, and black pelt from snow that had fallen on him from a tree above.
"Stupid snow! It's reaching down under my fur and stinging cold at my skin!" Akira growled causing Taylor to giggle, for a wolf he always didn't have a fancy for winter at all, mainly because of the snow.
"Lighten up Akira, it's Christmas Eve for crying out loud!" Taylor replied and Akira replied with a huff and pouted with his ears folded back. All of a sudden there was a loud bark and snow crunching quickly against something running at Taylor, tackling and causing her to fall over. Instead of being terrified, she laughed and struggled against the things grasp. Over her stood a large white dog with brown on his ears and lips, his eyes squinted shut and his big tail wagging in glee, licking Taylor's face happily.
"Akamaru -hahaha!- hey buddy!!" Taylor gasped through her laughter attempting to push the dog off of her.
"Akamaru down boy!" A boy commanded behind the two, Akamaru getting off of Taylor and panting with a happy bark. Over Taylor stood a boy with tanned skin, onyx eyes, silky slightly spiked chocolate brown hair,  and the red fang markings of the Inuzuka clan on his cheeks.
"Hey Kiba!" Taylor greeted up at him with a grin.
"Hi Taylor, what's up? We were in the middle of training  for Kurenai-sensei so this better be good." Kiba implied causing Taylor to merely shrug her shoulders.
"Akira and I were just hanging out," Taylor replied grabbing Kiba's hand which he offered, him yanking her off the ground holding her waist so she stays balanced. "Don't you do enough training Kiba? The Kiba I know would never turn down a chance for a break like this."
"Whadya mean?"
"I mean who are you and what've you done with Kiba? You a spy?" Taylor asked punching his arm playfully causing Kiba to let out a laugh. Akira huffed at the two of them and sat down by Akamaru, the two having a conversation that seemed one sided to Taylor and Kiba, but Akamaru and Akira were both canines.
"I'm just keepin on my toes Tay, ya never do know when an enemy village will strike until either an Inuzuka sniffs them out or when it's too late."
"Come on Kiba, a break does you good every once in a while, come hang with me!"
"I'm not su-"
"Pleaaaaase?" Taylor interrupted and Kiba sighed giving in, he always knew she didn't give up easily and yet tried fighting back anyway.
"Alright fine. What'd you have in mind?"
"Just taking a walk with Akira and Akamaru."
"Okay then." Kiba replied and with that, both shinobi started walking together. Akira sped up to Kiba's side as Taylor ran ahead to a snow covered tree.
"You gonna tell her or what Inuzuka?" Akira asked and Kiba looked down at him.
"You gonna tell her ya like her or what?"
"Sh-shut up Akira!" Kiba growled blushing causing Akira to laugh.
"You liiiike her!"
"Don't worry kiddo I'll stall Akamaru for ya! Leave the love birds alone~!" Akira teased and ran to Akamaru, both dogs running off.
"Hey hold on a sec!!" Kiba yelled after both dogs but it was too late, they were long gone. "Ugh!" Kiba spat and turned to Taylor as she came back over. 'She is kinda cute now that I think of it. Wait... What am I thinking?!' Kiba thought mentally face palming himself.
"Kiba are you okay? You're being really quiet." Taylor asked.
"Yeah I'm fine."
"If you say so." Taylor said and turned on her heel heading away again. Kiba grabbed her wrist before she could get too far away.
"Hm?" Taylor hummed looking at Kiba with warm chocolate brown eyes. Kiba didn't reply and just had a faint tint of blush on his cheeks. "What is I-" She started but was then cut off by Kiba locking his lips to hers, causing her to blush bright red in shock and melt into the kiss. After breaking away onyx eyes met chocolate ones in a warm comforting look.
"I like you too Kiba." Taylor blushed knowing exactly what Kiba meant from the kiss. He merely smiled in reply, his dog like canine teeth showing in his grin as he threw his arm around Taylor and the two started walking on again.
"They're in love!!" Akira yelled out and the two blushed, but it was true after all. This was the best Christmas Taylor ever had.

(Sorry if Kiba's a little OOC, I tried x3 )
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