DHA Specialist

The DHA powerful warriors that have saved the world of Dynasty time and time again from Universal threats.

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DHA Specialist

Specialist are the guardians of the World of Dynasty
The Symbol of the Demon Hunters association
and the thing that strengthens the Bond between all Races within the world
Demons, Angels, Humans, and Many others, along with the other companies that
help contribute to the city, wither it would be Military, Resources, Technology, or Magical Knowledge.

Specialist outrank the leaders of Companies Military and the City's officers and are often entrusted with leading our troops into battle when they deem necessary.

Jason: If the Specialist are so important, why are most of us under the age of 18?

Quit interrupting the Intro scene!

Cyruss: He has a point...

Specialist are Paired up with a partner, someone to watch their back because no matter what you're doing,
It's always good too know someone has your back. Partners are paired using a complex system designed by the HUNT too optimize you're battle performance with traits such as Personality, Morals, Combat style, and Motives.

Age is completely out of the equation when choosing our heroes.
Many of our applicants were hardened survivors of the Earth Catastrophe not long ago...a year ago in fact.
But since time moves slower in Dynasty and the year is twice as long it is on Earth. What appears as 1 year on Dynasty is 4 years on earth...and this world is still new too us and there is a lot more of it to discover.

Specialist are also appointed a Champion, the Hero who has done the most out of the rest.
We keep track of each specialist with a special scoring system.

Cyruss: Don't you do that too commercialize us, so that you could earn more money and turn what you call guardians into a public image that you can twist and bend however you please.
You also made us do interviews...

Jason: Combat and Sport Tournaments
May: Commercials
Rose: oh and don't forget that, TV show appearance we made.

Cyruss: Come too think of it, when was the last time we had to fight a demon?
May:It's been a slow month.

Can we cut out their talking?
*sigh* alright cut, cut
Delete the Recording!
I don't know Destroy it
well Crash the Internet!

I don't care about the complaints, i'll deal with it
Just get it off the Net!

Cyruss: So are we done here?
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