Lost Within the City

Lost Within the City

~Durarara spin off~ Twenty-three year old Mira Hamasaki has been living in Ikebukuro for as long as she can remember, though it hasn't exactly been easy. The product of experimenting from her own father, she's an Inu hiding in plain sight. This is her story..

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Chapter 1.

Paying A Visit To An Old Friend, The Job Offer

The city of Ikebukuro sat silent from above, however bustled with noise and people from the ground. The streets and sidewalks crowded and overflowed with people walking left and right, as though a canvas had been tainted with mindless paint splatterings. Those who were in a hurry bumped into others, though payed no mind as they continued on their way to their destinations, as though nothing had happened to begin with. Stray dogs remained hidden in alleyways, thinning slowly but surely due to starvation or coughing from sickness. It was a sad sight, but that was the life of a stray, and it looked as if there were no hope for the poor creatures addressed as man's best friend.
A hooded girl walked amongst the crowds of people, a Great Pyrenees following in pursuit behind her. She remained silent as she walked, her hood over her head and her blue eyes glancing around every now and then just in case she needed to run or defend herself from a color gang. A blonde flirt and curious looking foreigner to the city passed her by, the blonde waving but she only gave a slight glance back and continued on her way, as though the encounter hadn't happened.
"What was that about? Do you know that woman Masaomi?" The foreigner asked the blonde addressed as Masaomi. Masaomi looked to his companion and smiled comically.
"Of course, I know lots of people around here! That's Mira Hamasaki, she's shy most of the time so she doesn't talk much. She also doesn't stop and chat when she's on her way somewhere important. Anyway, let's keep going Mikado!" He cheered and continued walking, Mikado soon following behind him after glancing back, though Mira had already disappeared once again into the sea of walking people.
After continuing her walk, she came upon a large apartment complex surrounded by several other buildings though that wasn't much of a surprise. The Great Pyrenees came to a stop beside Mira, panting a bit from the long trek there. She stepped inside and the dog obediently followed once more, into a small office like room with a desk at its front. At the desk sat a brunette with a stoic look of annoyance painted over her face, as though she had hated working in the buiding her entire life. She shot a hateful glare Mira's way once she came up to the front desk, to which had no effect on Mira.
"What do you want?" The receptionist hissed at the brunette before her, to which it still had little effect.
"I came to see Orihara," Mira replied simply, crossing her arms as her hood shifted slightly from an unknown source. "You should be nicer to me, Namie Yagiri." Namie growled in irritation and turned back to the computer she had been typing on, waving Mira off.
"That scumbag is upstairs, now go away." Namie growled refusing to address Mira further, not having a retort to shoot back at her. Mira simply made a 'tch' noise and walked away from the desk, heading up the stairs as the canine followed again.
Once upstairs Mira was greeted by a hallway in which led to a large office. Upon further inspection once outside the doorway to the room a desk was at the very front, a computer monitor and laptop sitting at the side of it. A large window sat behind it giving a perfect view of Ikebukuro, the people below, and the sun setting sky above. The slight almost silent clicks of keyboard keys filled the room giving the atmosphere a not so quiet air. A library sat above the room on a balcony though it was fully visible, and beneath it rested two couches across from each other, an auburn coffee table in between giving the small off to the side area a luxurious and warm aura. The room in general was well furnished and quiet besides the keyboard keys clicking and tacking.
A man sat at the desk at the front of the room, his dark hair glowing slightly against the sunset rays just outside. Although he was hard to see, his signature furred jacket rested on the back of the chair he sat in. He peered over with bright brown, almost red eyes as Mira stepped in, his attention caught by the great Pyrenees's toe nails clicking into the room. He gave a signature smirk as though he were expecting the two to arrive in his office. He got up and came around the desk, out stretching his arms in a warm and welcoming greeting.
"Mira Hamasaki and Todd! It's been a long time since we last saw each other~!" He almost cheered as he walked over causing Mira to smile.
"Hi Izaya, nice to see you again." She greeted with a friendly wave, though that didn't seem to be enough for the male as he snaked his arms around her in a hug somewhat awkwardly.
"It's been a long time~," Izaya said before pulling himself away from the hug, though he had subtly pulled the girl's hood down revealing a pair of German shepherd ears. The left ear had been floppy, meanwhile the other cropped straight upward, and both twitched as the hood covering them was removed. "How many times do I have to tell you you don't have to hide yourself being an Inu from me~?" Mira smiled and let her tail remove itself from under the torso of her sweatshirt.
"You not have to tell me that, you just choose to." Mira pointed out causing the Orihara in front of her to chuckle.
"I suppose that's true."
"I'm just surprised you're not afraid of Todd and I like you are with every other dog Izaya." Mira joked crossing her arms.
"I wouldn't be afraid of a childhood friend of mine, do you really think so lowly of me Mira~?" Izaya remarked, Mira's ears tilting in thought for a moment.
"Yes actually," Mira teased causing the twenty-three year old male to pout as if he were six causing her to giggle and her tail to wag. "I'm just kidding Izaya!" He then returned to his normal stature.
Eventually the two childhood friends had transferred over to sitting on the couches across from each other, the Great Pyrenees known as Todd laying at Izaya's feet comfortably, gladly receiving the attention of long strokes of the Orihara's hand along his thick creamy fur.
"So I presume you two are doing well?" Izaya said, breaking the silence between the two. Mira sat back letting the plush material of the couch to envelope and relax her.
"Yeah, I guess you could put it that way."
"Running from your father still?" Izaya remarked causing Mira to shudder at the thought, her ears flattening as she looks down.
"Yes, still, and it's gotten worse.."
"You do remember you have to get revenge on him right?"
"I know, I know... I just.. can't do it yet.." Mira sighed. He hadn't shown much emotion to really anyone before whether it be sympathy, sadness, or even compassion, but he showed it to Mira even though it was awkward. He had sat up and patted Mira's head rather awkwardly.
"I'm sure you'll figure it out. If it gets too out of hand feel free to stay here with me Mira~." Izaya smiled genuinely for a change causing Mira to brighten up a bit a small well.
"That's nice of you to offer.. thank you Izaya."
"You're quite welcome, after all you're like a sister to me. And you don't try to kill me like Mairu does." He remarked and both chuckled. A comfortable silence fell over the two for a while, both of them thinking for a moment, recollecting their thoughts.
"Now that I think about it," Izaya looked to Mira causing her ears to twitch paying attention. "I have a job offer for you, if you'd like to take it."
"That's right, why don't you be my assistant~?"
"Don't you have Namie for that?"
"The problem with Namie is that she just can't  stand me. You on the other hand can, so how about you be my assistant info broker~?"
"Fine then, sounds fun."
"Good~, I look forward to it~." Izaya smirked and sat back. What Mira didn't know though, was that she was signing up for what's supposedly fate to meet someone, and somewhat dangerous as well.
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"You should be nicer to me, Namie Yagiri."

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