A Wolves Life

A Wolves Life

Hi guys!Thanks for reading this if you decide to I'm making this story because I'm in love with wolves and it might be easier! I hope you like it. This is my first book! I'm sorry about my grammar and spelling. I was on a tablet when I wrote this. I didn't have the time to check over it and I know it's not that good. I am updating it now though to fix my grammar.

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One

Chapter One

        At a sudden jolt I woke up noticing I was In a strange forest. As I look around I saw a strange wolf heading toward me."Hello young wolf my name is Blue" the mysterious wolf said."Hi Blue, my name is Moon." I say as I watched him. He tilted his head, what was he thinking? "What?" I asked watching him more closely.
"Nothing, I was just wondering what element you were." Blue said sitting down."Oh, I have the element air." I said "Interesting, I have the element water." He said. "What other elements are there?" I asked wondering. "Well there is air, water, fire, death, nature, lighting, and ice." Blue answered. "Air wolves have wings. That's why you have tiny wings. You will get bigger wings when you are a adult, but now you don't have to worry, your only a pup Moon, live your pup life while you can"

As I stood there wondering what to say, I noticed that the forest wasn't were I lived. "Um Blue, where are we?" I looked around wondering. "Ah, this is a dream, there was a important thing I had to tell you but I got distracted." He said looking at me with worried eyes." What is wrong?" I asked starting to worry myself. " Yes Moon there is something wrong. What I came here to tell you is, well there will be a battle between the elements, Air and Lighting." He finally said sighing. "A battle...." As I said that I could see Blue starting to fade away "Blue?" His words echoed in my mind "there will be a battle." I shivered at the thought but I then woke up and realized I was back in reality.

As I started to wake up I could see it was already morning. I was happy to feel the warmth of my mother snow,my brother frost,and my father Blizzard. As I looked around seeing more of the wolves wake up I heard a voice behind me." Hi Moon!" Relief flooded over me as I recognized the voice of my best friend Feather." Hello Feather how are you?" I said turning toward her. "I'm good how are you" Feather said looking at me her blue eyes shining with excitement "I'm doing good Feather." As I said that I looked at my paws shifting them uncomfortable. "Hey, are you okay?" Feather said looking at me confused."Oh um well I had this really strange dream and I can't get my mind off it." She looked at me "What was the dream about?" Feather said staring at me."Well I met this strange wolf, his name was Blue, he said there will be a battle between the elements lighting and air." I said trying to search for a expression on her face but she had no expression,  just a blank face."Hey Feather, are you okay?" I said looking at her worried.She looked up with a sad expression."Moon can I trust you?" she said. I was surprised by the way she said it. "Of course we are best friends!" I said looking at her. She finally looked up and said "Okay Moon please don't tell anyone but I have a secret that no body knows." She stared at me with sadness in her eyes.
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I just wanna say that on Roblox this was my RP name: Moon/Three quarters wolf
on September 18, 2016
on September 17, 2016