The Tear

The Tear

A story about a new girl moving into school with a rather drama in the beginning as she makes her way out of all this middle school business!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

I feel like I’m a hairy, fat and disgusting zombie.
It’s the 2nd week of middle school and I’m hating it already.

I kind of find it weird that when some kids are new in school, they are always pampered and next thing you know, POPULAR KID ALERT.
However, it’s the opposite for me. I’m the total loser. It was weird how in elementary school, everyone was fat, like, really fat and I felt safe but this year, it was crop tops and high heels all over the place. They were fit and most of them were blondes and brunettes, well, and some beautiful people with black hair. They all waxed! I was the most hairy person in school! People teased and laughed behind my back, whispered and did other crazy stuff. That’s why I’m in my room crying myself to sleep.
September 5th
Ugh, school. Stupid school. I took out my puke green shirt and a pair of jeans and put them on. My greasy shoes were waiting for me. My mom looked at me as if I was a cockroach as she put my butter on my toast. When I got to school, the most bizarre thing happened: Brooklyn, the queen bee of popular people came to me and waved! She waved! I was so happy. Then the best thing happened, she said that I have to sit on the popular kids table! I was crying, not with sadness, but with joy! Until lunch I was so happy! Jumping up and down! When I came to the popular table, Brooklyn wasn’t there but Julian, (my crush) and one of the sporty and popular person ever was sitting alone which was kind of rare.
“Hey Christen!” Julian said, smiling as his blue eyes and dimples lighted up his whole face. I blush going to my day dream world.
“Hi..J-julian!” I blushed as I stammered. Why do I have to be so weird around Julian?
“Christen!” I voice behind me said. I turned around and saw a pink branded purse then pitch black. My eyes started burning and the whole canteen started laughing. A blob of wet food landed on my shirt as everyone was dying of laugher. I suddenly touched my eyes and wiped it as I was covered from spaghetti and yogurt. My world was spinning round and round. Then I heard the sharp voice.
“OMG! Did you vomit out spaghetti and pee out yogurt!?” Brooklyn said as the whole canteen started laughing. SNAP SNAP SNAP! I looked around and saw a bunch of IPhones clicking. That was it. I ran crying with spaghetti all over me.  I felt like the whole world was crashing. The last thing I saw before I left was Julian’s gasp yet a little smile appears on his face: I didn’t blame him, he is a nice guy and it did seem funny. But I was done, I went to the front desk of the school and asked for a green slip, which means, permission to leave early. Of course, I wouldn’t go to my house yet otherwise my mum will kill me for not asking her, or even leaving school. I roamed around in shops and different places until it was time to go home. I opened the door with my keys then ran up and washed everything off. I was really sticky…but the thing I don’t understand is, why would Brooklyn waste 14$ dollars on throwing food at me, like, she could have brought the deluxe menu and a fizzy drink with all that money…well, I guess, she is the richest girl in the whole school…
Suddenly my phone beeps. That is rare, then I look at my phone and go on my Instagram. I have been tagged 11 times. That is extremely rare. I looked and saw a picture of me with food all over my self. I was so shocked, but I went to see who else hated me. I saw a picture posted by Sophia, she’s a popular person, Ellie…she was an amazing friend then she got really popular….I saw 10 haters then I saw one which made my heart break and shatter and break….it had 128 likes in 4 hours and 29 comments by 28 different people…it was Julians, the caption said: ‘Hahahahahaha! What a loser!? Who let the animal in such an expensive private school!?’ Brookyln was ‘nice’ enough to not post it because she’s extremely tumblr and her profile is too. I had it. I had it once and for all!
I cried and cried until I cried myself to sleep. Then at 1:00am I woke up and then heard my stupid LG phone ring again then cried. Suddenly a sparkle of  glitter just came out of nowhere. I blinked my eyes. Then, another one came but this time, a very beautiful person came, she was more beautiful than Brooklyn. I blinked again.
“Ummm…Hello, are you Christen Jackson?” The beautiful figure replied.
I gasped as I answer with a “yes, and who are you?”
Her beautiful dimples reminded me of Julian’s as she smiled politely. “Hello, I am your Fairy Godmother!” She sprinkled glitter. I looked at her as if she was crazy.
“I am so sorry but I am not Cinderella…I am too ugly to be her….” I answered, joking around yet telling the truth. I was 13…I mean, I’m too old for fairytales.
“Trust me, honey!” Her smooth and wonderful hands touched my hands. “Okay, I will make a deal…you can change you appearance but you will lose something you love…would you do this?”
I gasped again, my…appearance!? I know it was impossible but I was so desperate…..

(Find out in part 2)
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on April 23
Part 2!!!!!!
on March 14, 2016
Chapter 2 coming next week! Stay tuned....XOXOXOXOXO!
on February 01, 2016
This story is great! I feel so bad for Christen....can't wait for part 2!
on January 20, 2016