Freddy x reader

Freddy x reader

Alright here's for a good friend @Female_mike_schidmit_and_freddy_fazbear I tried so hard I can't do these things well but here you go

published on August 07, 201666 reads 32 readers 4 not completed
Chapter 1.

A bad start

You were working the night shift and suddenly you heard Freddy's laughter from the hall so you tried to close the door but Chicago had jammed it and your eyes widened but freddy came in and smiled at you instead of trying to kill you. You were confused and didn't know what to do but shake a little.
Freddy had then smirked and your eyes widened as you saw the lights go out and his face started glowing, you got scared and you fell off your chair making his eyes widen.
Freddy helped you up and you were just completely puzzled on why he was being so nice to you while bonnie and Chicago were trying to kill you *maybe he wants to protect me?* you thought in your head *no that wouldn't be right... He's like them isn't he?* you weren't sure about this anymore so you looked at him to see a smile.
You found yourself smiling back and he pulled you into a hug, the 6 am bell rang and he let go of you "I'll see you  tomorrow night y/n" he said and you nodded getting ready to leave. Knowing that you were starting to have a little crush on freddy you blushed and smiled as you saw him on the stage before you left for the night.
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Comments (4)

"A Bad Start"
yeah, no kidding--
on March 30, 2017
ITS SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!
on January 19, 2017
on September 08, 2016
I Like it
on August 07, 2016