Warrior Cats: Brotherhood of Hunting.

Warrior Cats: Brotherhood of Hunting.

This story is based on the Warrior Cats series, which it tells the tale of a whole new culture Cats. Hollypaw, Jaypaw and Lionpaw are on a Journey to find the mysterious Tribe of rushing Water and then suddenly run into another mysterious group of cats away the way. Oh, the irony!

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Chapter 1.
Brother of Hunting: Profile.

Brother of Hunting: Profile.

***If you want to go into the story completely blind, go to next page. Also may contain some spoilers for the Warrior Cats series, mostly The Power of Three Arc. ****

The Hunting brotherhood is culture of Cats very different from the Clans or even Tribes. They live south of the Trides’ mountains, in a long lash grassland of ‘Never Ending Amber’. They don’t live in one large Camp together instead they live in small family groups scattered across the territory. Sharing the responsibility of defending their lands between them.

They are very close to their ancestors as they do not ascend into the skies like other Cat spirits. All brotherhood cats often communicate with the Ghosts of amber though serve means, most often though dreams. However unlike Starclan who mostly give Omens, Ghosts of amber Cats will often visit a cat's dream to simply have a talk to them.  (It is possible to hear the ghosts of amber "whisper on the wind" however this is rare due to it being hard for ghosts to make something physically happen on the living world.)


Unlike Clan Cats that change their name throughout their life, Brotherhood Cats keep their name from birth. Their name is made out of two part: Thing & Colour.

The 2nd part of their is named after their pelt colour or their personality. Then the 1st is meant to give more detail of their colouring. Examples: Oak-Red, Shine-White or Lime-Jade. Sometimes they can also go for more obscure colours like: Aqua, Crimson and magenta.

Newcomers are also expected to change their name when they first join to prove their locality to the Brotherhood of hunting, most of the time they Newcomer is allowed to choose it though as long as it sound like a Brotherhood of hunting name.


Though the Brotherhood of hunting accept the existence of Starclan and other Star like beings. They think it's dishonorable for a Cat to go an afterlife as they think that a Cat should always stand by their friends and family, even in death. It's only when the Cat has served their 400 moon long duty to the Brotherhood is when they can finally rest in peace.

So they believe that their ancestors are all around them as ghosts. If they want help from them, a Brotherhood Cat will knee down and chant: “*Cat’s name* lead me your strength .”

They also believe that the sun and moon are actually living creatures and are in an endless hunt. The Moon, the prey and the Sun, the predator. Which is how they explain the Sun and Moon are always seemly moving. The bortherhood  never want the sun to catch the moon or they believe it will bring on the 'Eternal heat'. So at the end of every winter and summer, the Brotherhood gather on top of their rock dens and yowl though out the night to 'cheer on' the moon to keep running. These events are called the; "Moonray" and "Sunray".

They also have a superstition of Ginger cat due to them symbolizing the Sun.

Leaders/Elder Royals:
Sky-Blue. (Female/Deceased)
Wind-Grey (Male/Deceased)
Stone-Bronze (Female/Driven out)
Swift-Yellow (Female/Current Leader)


Mage: A grown up She-Cat or Tom that has kits of their own. It’s their duty to help defence the Brother of Hunting’s territory and help fellow “brothers and sisters” if need be. Also it’s their duty to hunt for their family and train their kits to someday start a life of their own.

Seeker: A cat that has yet to set up a family. Mostly made up of newcomers of the brotherhood or a cat that has recently left their parents. Though they have the same duties of a Mage, they are often looked down upon and they aren't able to become a member of the Royals.

Alpha/adolescent: A Cat in the middle or finishing their training. They are can perform patrols and hunting sessions but under the watchful eye of a Mage (Unless they are older then one year). This is also the age where one Alpha may be chosen to become a member of the Royals and learn about healing herbs. They stay in training a lot longer then Apprentices, usually they will be about 2.5 years old before finally leaving their parents. This is due to the fact, pray needing very specific hunting tactics.

Beta: A young Cat that’s old enough to leave the safety of their dens but lack fighting and survival skills. Usually they are just starting their training. They area’t allowed to perform duties for brotherhood yet.

Royal: A group of Cats with 3-6 members that are the healers of the Brotherhood. They are highly respected and live in the hill of the healing spring which is often the gathering place for meetings. After a member of the Royals is killed, one Alpha is chosen by the Elder Royal to become a new member.

Elder Royal: The oldest Royal member and The leader of the Brotherhood of Hunting.

Fighting Style:

Brotherhood Cats aren't as skilled at close up fighting as Clan Cats. However The Brotherhood are very resource in battle such as: Throwing sand/dirt, using trees to strike from above, ganging up on one opponent, using sticks as weapons, throwing small rocks, attacking from behind and many others. (Though some Cats see theses as cheap and dishonorable tactics.) Most of these tactics are modified hunting moves.

If a battle gets heated enough, sometimes the Ghosts that wonder the amber valley will help fight. This can give them a huge advantage as living cats are unable to see/harm the Ghosts. However this makes the Brotherhood of hunting argent and usually they underestimate their opponents.


A large territory that is about 1.5 miles long but only a about 500 meters wide as it's in a valley. They live south to the Tribe Of Rushing Water's mountains, this means they also get quite a lot of Hawks and Eagles in their skies. The main sources of water is from underground streams that come up to surface that the 'Heal spring'; a large collection of stones that is the home of the Royals (Median Cats/leaders of the brotherhood).   

The earth is made from Sandy and other crusty soils, so the plates that grow in the area are tough and scrawny, heathland. Because of this, you won't be getting many prey animals that can be found in forest as well as in the Amber Grassland. Instead you'll find many reptiles such as liquids and snakes.

The land is also doted with Human ruins that are small and domed in shape, that the Brotherhood of hunting Cats use as dens. Sometimes you will tourists and researchers disturbing the Cats inside them. At the edges of the valley you can find large bands that are made from a strange Red dusty stone. The Brotherhood Cats cover themselves in it to help hide their scent/taste.


Due to a lot of the prey being venomous snakes, they often attack from the back, involving going near the mouth. Also with there being no wooden creators, safe prey can scarce so they have to be more resourceful in winter, such as mole rats and even spiders. However spiders are still seen as a very disgusting and only eaten if starving.

For snakes you'll: go from behind  the snake, grab it from the tail, flip it into the air, once landed it's soft underbelly should be exposed, then take a killing bite to the belly, still keeping far away from the fangs.

For moles rats you'll: Take some form of seed or berry, lightly tap it at the edge of the mole rat's den, then jump into cover, the Mole rat should be tempted outside of it's dens, once far enough from it's den, leap and go for the killing bite.


The brotherhood don't have much contract with the Tride and the clans doesn't even know they exist. However the brotherhood is known to be much more open to newcomers as they have plenty of 'Rock dens' to go round.

Rouges and loners: When a loner or rouge comes to the area, usually a patrol will greet them yet still not friendly. They ask what their business is in the Amber grassland; if hostile, they'll be forced out no question, if simply seeking shelter for a few days, then they'll happy accept as long as they don't over stay their welcome.

Tride: The brotherhood and Tribe of rushing water have had mostly peaceful contacts in their history. However it's been long time since the two groups have seen each other and some Tribe cats think the brotherhood went extincted.

Clan: The brotherhood are aware of the clans from stories from the loners that have passed though their land. Though they have never had a full on in counter with them.

Newlight - Dawn
Freshlight - Morning
Full-light - Noon
Warmlight - Afternoon
Dimlight - Twilight
Darklight - Night

General terms:

“Talking Bitter/Bitter tough” - Saying something rude.

“Follows the birds” - A monitor insult for a cat always going into thought.

“Slush” - An insult saying that Cat is worthless or dishonorable.

“Boring as Bark” - Something that is very boring or plain. Can be used as insult for a boring Cat.

“Dead meat” - Rotting food that’s beyond eating or to say something is likely to die.

“Red Jaw” - Fox.

“White Jaw” - Banger.

“Where Bad blood goes, a storm follows” - A common term saying that evil Cats bring trouble.

“Passing or trouble?” - Often asked to trespassing Cats if they are just passing through or not.

“Chatter-Beast” - Name for a human like: Twoleg or House folk.

"Dumb-Dumb" - A childish way of calling someone an idiot.
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