The Fabulous FAB (plus E & G)

The Fabulous FAB (plus E & G)

Read this if you wanna laugh.This is just a little silly thing I came up with one day. It involves six characters: Evelyn, her sister Grace, Ji-Sung, Junjie, Kenshin, and Hyong-Jin. They call themselves the Four Asian Boys and Evelyn...and grace. FAB & E and G. enjoy! Genre: Comedy

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Chapter 1.

Grace and the FAB have conversations

(Junjie and Grace are passing notes in class) (you'll figure out who's who eventually)

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( 

Hey, what’s with all the unhappy faces?
Quit that!
:( :( :( 
But it’s FUN!
No it’s not. :(
Haha! You did it too!
Why??? WHY????
Ah. I’m so glad I can tick you off so. 
Why do I have such a—
NO. Annoying friend.
Teehee! I love you too. 
Go away.
Okay. You know you’ll miss me in ten minutes!!
Ah, be quiet. *gets up and walks away*
You…are still here.
No I am not! I got up and walked away.
No you didn’t. you wrote it—but you’re still here.
Junjie, have I told you lately just how much I—
Love you? Oh yes, I think you did!
--strongly dislike you?
NUUUU! You’re mean. 
*evil cackle *
Why do you do that?
Do wut?
The asterisks with something in between them.
Oh that! That’s a role-play thing. It means I did something in the game.
Game? There’s a game going on?
Oh no. Please tell me u know what a role-play game is?
No actually I don’t.
Honestly? Or are u just bugging me and making my hand work harder? (I ache)
No. Really. Honestly. What is a role-play game?
You know, for a hobo you have really nice handwriting.
Just explain the term.
Isn’t your hand tired?
I did not understand wat u just wrote.
Just. Explain. What. Role-play is.
Do I have to?
Yes, or Daddy will put you in prison.
Your daddy has no authority to put me in prison. He’s a business dude. And not Ur mom either!
But my daddy has connections with St. Grace Police!
I have connections…with the FOUNDER of this village! (She shares the same name as me, ya know.)
…   I thought u said Ur hand was tired.
And it is.
Then y is u writing so much?
HAHA! You’re starting to use slang!! U r tired!
Hmph. Okay. Maybe I am just a tad tired.
Okay, you really do have nice handwriting. How’d you do it?
Private tutoring. Dad payed $5000 to get a private tutor to teach me everything and nice handwriting was included in the Grammar package. I think you have lovely handwriting too. 
Yeah. Not as nice as yours.
How did you get your nice handwriting?
Gulp. They drilled into your skull?
No, dummy. Practice! Lots of practice. You see, my dad can’t stand messy handwriting cuz at work he has to read doctors handwriting and theirs is the WORST. So, he made sure that me and Evvy had beauuuutiful handwriting. And drilled us. It worked with me, not so much with Evvy.
Which is why her handwriting sucks?
Don’t let her see that.
I won’t.
So nonetheless, I didn’t get a $5000 tutor to teach me good handwriting.
Hey! Was that an insult in disguise? =.= Don’t hate me cuz I’m rich!
Junjie, dear. I don’t hate you.
You don’t?
I strongly dislike you.
Oh. It was wrong of me to hope.
And if we don’t stop passing notes, Mr. Kwon is gonna catch us and we are gonna get automatic Fs. F for failure to pay attention in class, that is.
And you said your hand was tired. ‘
STOP PASSING NOTES TO ME! Conversation ends now.
Do not reply.
I won’t.

Junjie and Grace sat up alert in Social Studies class and didn’t pass notes for exactly 1.689 minutes.  Then a thump on Grace’s desk…

By the way, Mr. Kwon cannot fail us because he fancies you too much.

Grace crumpled up the note and tossed it to Roger and whispered, “Doodle on it. It’s all yours.” Roger grinned at her and started to doodle a gory death scene titled, “Death by Boredom” in his scraggly handwriting. Of course, this class is usually not that boring. Their teacher just decided he wanted to be boring that day.

Later, Grace crept over to the computer sitting in the reading room in the loft for her daily,

FAB (plus the two sisters) Conference

This is when, at exactly 6:00 PM, the FAB and her and her sister Evelyn hop onto their phones or computers and discusses stuff on the chat site Ji-Sung created called “The Fabulous Life”. Eww. Cheesy, I know. :) But he had to think of something! So anyway, she logged on…

Graceful25: Hello.

She waited…and then this…

JInventor: Hello.
Graceful25: Why can’t you leave me alone?
JInventor: Because you know I’m part of the Fabulous FAB.
Graceful25: humph. What a pain.
JInventor: :)
KenGucci: Leave her alone. You passed notes to her all afternoon.

Grace laughed when she saw Kenshin's user. His name was Kenshin Yamaguchi, and it became KenGucci! (Gucci is a luxury brand if you didn't know)

JInventor: But I like her!
Graceful25: As I’m well aware.
JInventor: You still didn’t explain what role-play is.
Graceful25: Ah, shaddup.
KenGucci: Am I missing something??
CreatorofthisSite: Mebbe.
KenGucci: Please, Ji-Sung! Please change Ur user!
CreatorofthisSite: Why?
KenGucci: Because it pains me to read it.
CreatorofthisSite: But it explains what I am! I’m the creator of this site!!!
KenGucci: That doesn’t mean you need to announce it. Anyway, when’s Evelyn gonna join? It’s 6:05.
JSC15: I changed my user. Happy?
KenGucci: Yes. Very much.
AZNLover: OMG! Kenny! Your user is genius!!!!
KenGucci: Really? Thanks.
AZNLover: *grins *
JInventor: AHHH!!! You do it too?
AZNLover: Do what?
JInventor: The thing. Asterisks with things in it.
AZNLover: Oh. That’s an RP thing.
JInventor: RP?
AZNLover: Role-play.
JInventor: GAAAAAH!!!!!!!! >:(
AZNLover: What?
JInventor: No 1 explains anything!!!!
KenGucci: Why do u need that explained?
JSC15: Does any1 care what my user means!?
JInventor: Not really.
Graceful25: No.
KenGucci: Not in the slightest.
JinJinny: Maybe? Then again, not.
AZNLover: YES!!!
JSC15: u always wanna know.
AZNLover: That’s cuz I love u. :(
JSC15: at least someone does.
JinJinny: What does that mean?
KenGucci: Fine. Now I wanna know. :/
JSC15: Okay, then. So the J is Ji, the S is Sung, the C is Choi and the 15 is how old I am.
Graceful25: Fascinating.
JSC15: Thx.
Graceful25: NOT!
JinJinny: Is she always this mean, Evvy?
AZNLover: ...Yes. Always. But she has some fake-nice moments! 
JInventor: I don’ want fake-nice moments! I want real-nice moments!!!
Graceful25: Yeah? Well you’re not getting any!!!!!
JInventor: sniffle
AZNLover: u can put “sniffle” in asterisks!
JInventor: I hate you guys.
KenGucci: We love you 2, Junjie.

JSC15 was Ji-Sung (previously known as CreatorofthisSite). KenGucci was Kenshin. JInventor was Junjie (because he invents stuff). AZNLover was Evelyn (because she loves Asians). Graceful25 was Grace (though she's not graceful in the slightest). JinJinny was Hyong-Jin (he was originally considering JinnyHolmes, because he's thinking of being an investigative journalist when he gets older).

Hope you liked this tale of woe! If u liked this, I have more where this came from. ;)
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Ji-Sung and Hyong-Jin - there are two Koreans (and a Japanese and Chinese? I'm not sure...)? That's wonderful Can you tell me Junjie's nationality, please?
Yes! They're Korean. Kenshin is Japanese. And Junjie is Chinese. im glad u like it
ur welcome!! XD
on November 26, 2015
Thank you
on November 26, 2015
on November 25, 2015
on November 24, 2015