Song Book

This is a book of songs that I have written. I put a lot of thought into these. Some are parodys, some are written from the heart. Others- may just be very stupid XD

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Chapter 1.

F*ck my Life (Last Friday Night Parody)

(I didn't have much, but I just stared saying this in the tune of the song and laughed about it)

Just f*ck my life
yeah my grades are pretty shit
and depressions kickin in
guess I'll fall into a ditch
Just f*ck my life

I know it's getting hard
And my life is pretty dark
but I'm gonna make my mark
Just f*ck my life

Just f*ck it all- (f*ck it all)

Just f*ck my life


Don't ask XD IDK why I did this either- But it's still kinda funny tho, well, to me at least. And relatable I guess uwu so there.
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