mystic messenger x reader

mystic messenger x reader

step right up folks! I will be writing a mystic messenger x reader story and you can request any characters you want! :3 and if you reaally want it I "might" do lemons. anyways enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

yoosung x reader

(were just gonna say that you've already met everyone and your best friends with them)
you were walking around school (and in this story your in the same school with yoosung idc if you don't want that it's my story I do what I want) when some boys tripped you. They laughed when you fell and yoosung saw the whole thing, he didn't like what they did to you but he didn't do anything about it cause he was afraid.
After getting up off the floor and sitting next to yoosung in the cafeteria you two were playing lolol together.  Though it seemed like hours the school bell rang 5 minutes later and you and yoosung didn't want to leave lolol but went to class together.
~time skip brought to you by an Insane luciel wearing a bikini~
after school was over you and yoosung sat together (*cough* middle of nowhere *cough*) and played lolol once more.  Yoosung jumped up in excitement when he could give people bus rides, you smiled and hugged him "you're so cute yoosung" yoosung blushed at your comment "t-t-thank you y/n" he said shyly.
the more you hanged out with yoosung the more you fell in love with his adorableness and you couldn't take it anymore you wanted to confess your feelings, no you needed to confess them.  With that thought in your mind you went to yoosung's house and knocked on the door, when he answered you quickly gave him a hug.  Yoosung was shocked but he smiled cutely and hugged back, "hi y/n! did you come here to ay lolol with me?" he asked happily.
You shook your head and told him how you felt about him, yoosungs fave turned red when he heard you say that you loved him but he was happy. "I love you too y/n" he hesitated a little and said those words while looking down at the ground, you just smiled and hugged him again "you're so adorable and that's another reason why I love you"

(welp thx for reading and if you want more just let meh know in the comments below and if you want me to do another character I'd be happy to hear who you want me to do and no lemons just yet! I'd prefer to do those about in the middle >.> anyways enjoy you guys!)
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