What if Mheetu was in the Lion King.

What if Mheetu was in the Lion King.

Mheetu is the deleted character from the Lion King and Nala's little brother. But What if he was never cut and if so, what would his role be?

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Role in the Movie.

My Version:

In my version, Mheetu isn't Scar's son but is still manipulated by him. In the first part of the movie (The cub stage.) He has a disliking for Simba due to the fact Nala spends much more time Simba then him. Making him think Nala liked Simba more then her own brother. With no other cubs to play with, Mheetu turned to Scar. Well, Scar was an outcast so he must know where Mheetu was coming from, right?

Scar sees this as his opportunity. Though Mheetu, he could get to Simba. So started to Manipulate Mheetu, saying: that Nala only likes Simba because he's prince, how he could become a great leader, how Nala and everyone else would take him seroiusly and how Mufasa and Simba were the only things standing in their way...

In the main plot: Mheetu is the one to get Simba to go to the Elephant graveyard. However is stopped by Sarafina, saying how he was to young to go with Simba and Nala.

Next we see Mheetu and Simba in gorge, there he tells Simba to stay on a this rock for "Uncle Scar special's surprise". Then hesitantly walks away as Mheetu is about to do something that will change his and the whole's Pridelands fate forever. Soon Mheetu got to the borders of the gorge where Scar waited. With one quick node, Scar leaves to set the rest of the plan in motion...

Before he knew it was as if the ground it's self was screaming as huge swarms wildebeest stampeded! Mheetu watches from a far as Simba ran from his life. A surprising amount of guilt and confusion swept over Mheetu in those moments. Before he knew it, Scar had succeed with Mufasa at his side! Well sort of, as the bird was with them as well.

A single glance from Mheetu to Zazu said it all: "Deal with him."

Mheetu begin climbing the rocks in chase of the completely unaware Zazu. When he reaches the now panicking bird, Zazu starts mattering "Oh Mheetu this so awful! What do- I need to get help!" With that, Mheetu had to shut him up by slashing him, causing him to crash into the wall and faint.

Finally Mufasa was where Scar wanted. At the cliff side begging for his life as Scar just stood there for a moment Then it happened, Scar looked Mufasa in the eye, whispered something then threw him own brother to his death. Mheetu fell silent.

As Mheetu approached Mufasa's body with Scar, he could make out the helpless cub in his father arms. The father that he... helped murder. The sheer guilt was too much and he run away from it all with tears in his eyes! Leaving Scar alone to deal with Simba.


Many years had past now. Mheetu is now in his mid-teenage years. The is guilt of Mufasa's death has sorted but still strong. Now it was replaced with hate towards Scar because for so long he promised that Mheetu would be heir. But even after every thing Mheetu gave up for Scar, including his own innocents. Instead he gave it to that random rouge cub, Kovu.

What made Mheetu even more angry was the fact Scar lied to him. Saying: Mufasa was a bad king, that they would the Kings that would make Priderock great again! But no, Scar turned in to a wasteland!

Then one day, Mheetu world would be turned upside down! Simba, the cub so long thought dead, had now returned and was planning on staying.

A large argument broke out between Scar and Simba as Mheetu was forced to just watch with the lioness. Every memory of that day of Mufasa's death flashing in mind. The guilt flooding back to him! Suddenly Simba had Scar to ground and that was it... He let it all out.

Mheetu screamed: "We. Me and Scar... We killed Mufasa!"

Everyone's eyes short round to Mheetu, they stared. Then all hell broke lose as everyone charged at each other, slashing and biting. Hyenas being thrown around the place like rag dolls. Then Mheetu noticed two lioness rushing straight at him! Mheetu looked around wildly and run to the closest thing he could see. A high rock face... He didn't have a choice, he climbed it.

How long had he been here? Mheetu stayed lowered to the ground, shacking. Meanwhile just below the battle raged on and even better was that towers of fire were almost everywhere. So he just stayed where was like a crowd, hoping no one could reach him... Just then something caught him eye. Scar being chased by the now in-raged Simba.

Without thinking he slowly made him way to them. Until finally just coming below where the fighting took place. Out of no where Scar suddenly come crashing down the cliffside, landing painfully! Mheetu was only a few meters above... Hyenas started form around Scar, making him completely trapped.

Scar: Ah, my friends.
Shenzi: Friends? I thought he said we were the energy.
Banzai: Yeah that's I heard, Ed?
Ed: *Laughs*

From all decides Hyenas leaped onto Scar, biting away at him fur! Scar managed to slash away the fight few waves. However the mass number of hyenas was too much and they kept piling on top of him. Always biting down! In one last attempt, Scar forced himself out of the pile and leapt onto the near by wall. With Mheetu standing right above him.

Scar: *Pants* Mheetu? Mheetu, help your old my man out!
Mheetu: No Scar. Your fate is sealed.
Scar: No...
Mheetu: And anyway, the Hyenas need to be feed.

With that, Banzai barely jumped high enough to get a grip on Scar's leg and force him to the ground. Mheetu was already out of there before he could see Scar's fate. He wondered to the side of the Pride rock... Just as he heard roars fill the air, he knew it was over. Slowly he creped away and looked back.

Nala stopped roaring and looked behind her. The two of them just stared at each other until finally Mheetu turned around and rushed off into the night.


So I hope you enjoyed my version of Mheetu. Don't forget to put your on version of the Lion king if Mheetu was in it and put it down in the comments!
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