my childrens book

my childrens book

i made this for my class i had to make a childrens book so here it is yes

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This is my story its called Be nice :3 written by me also theres more context on my page btw

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Raccoon and she was very rude to other people in her grade because she was popular and smart. Raccoon went up to a girl named Mart and called her stupid and Mart started crying. A brave and smart girl name Smole was furious. “Raccoon stop bullying everyone stop i’m sick of it! I was gonna be neutral but i’m done with you bullying all my friends and others!” Smole helped another kid Raccoon pushed before off the ground.

“MWAHAHAHAH” Raccoon did an insane laugh. “YOU CAN NEVER STOP ME!” She said. All of a sudden a girl named Cinnamon strolled in. “leave them alone” She yelled. “Man get outta here Cinnamon you aint shit” Raccoon continued with the laughter. Cinnamon didn’t respond. She opened up her backpack and whipped out her pet blob, Neet. Raccoon tried to fight Neet but as soon as Raccoon touched Neet, Raccoon was sucked into a void.

Moral of the story be nice or Neet will transport you into a scary void
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lol, cool story
9 days ago
10 days ago