Jason John and hypers back story

Jason John and hypers back story

I asked @sapphirethehedgehog for any ideas she told to do a back story for my ocs so yeah here you go

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Chapter 1.
A new hero

A new hero

×Jason was in the human world and was at school and found something×
Jason:what's this ×picks it up×a emerald yay but was it someone's ×looks around×nah no one would take it to school
Eggman:you there
Eggman:yes give me that emerald
Jason:nope I listening to a fat stranger
Eggman:I kill you
Jason:you have no weap-×gets pointed with egg man's guns×ons×runs×aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Eggman:×shoots a Lazer×
Jason:×Flys in the air and hits the ground×ow×gets up and runs to science class and makes a bunch of potions and runs back out×
Eggman:shadow go find that rodent
Jason:×climbs a building and uses a umbrella  to gilded×
Shadow:I see him ×throws a rock and hits Jason×
Jason:whee oh sh-- ×gets hit by the rock and hits a building×ouch well that hurt
Shadow:×points the gun at Jason×
Jason:you won't see me coming×teleports behind shadow and kicks shadow×
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