the mirror of mysteries part 2

the mirror of mysteries part 2

part 2 of my not so good and probibly horrible story but any ways here is the next part there will problbly be 5 parts

published on June 16, 20156 reads 2 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

chapter 5 violet

we are standing at the doorway of the portal my heart started racing, was this my destiny?
''ready?'' asked heather
''sure'' i lied, and don't mean to jinx it or anything but we are going to DIE
''alright, we go in on three 1,2,3,"
we jumped in. this was it, my destiny, the path i'll take!
yeah i'm a dictionary, not really
time to see the place in the mirror,huh why me??
if heather nearly died am i going to die??
so much questions i don't know the answer to.
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sorry the chapters are really short
on June 16, 2015