Pokemon Randomness

The world may never know. I made this just for fun. It's also on my Watt Pad

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Chapter 1.

Waifu Alert!

Note: this has a danganronpa reference so good job for ya if you notice it!

Green: *telling a story of how she plans to find MewTwo*

Crystal: Oh that reminds me of this one time-

Green: (・_・)  --Waifu alert! Waifu alert! Initiating protocol 11037--

Green: hEY IT'S MY STORY TIME! *yeets pokeball at Crystal*

Crystal: Q~Q

Green: Okay, as I was saying- ^_^

The others:  ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : )


yeah- =3= I just thought of that at like, 8 in the morning and thought it was funny. So ENJOY IT!
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