The Great Race 4

The Great Race 4

Ready for a race around the world. For 1 million dollars. 18 pairs of 2. This is basically like The amazing race.

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Chapter 1.

Race starts

Sparkerp: Gamers can get the first tip.
Ivy: This is awesome.
Lydia: That should be us getting that tip first.
Ryan: Maybe if you didn't suck so much.
Lydia: Ryan, your dead.
Ryan: I'm so... scared.
Ivy: Just read the tip now.
Ryan: Catch a plane to Brazil,  and get your next tip.
Jack:Out of the way, our turn for a tip.

-In airport

Lydia: Get us a flight. Now!!!
Worker: alright. Where to.
Jack: Brazil. And 14 other teams will be showing up. And your going to put them on a later flight. Got it.
Worker: I can't do that.
Lydia: Yes you can. And you will.
Sparkerp: Call down there. All 15 teams will be riding the same flight.
Joey: Haha.
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