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I think the title's pretty self explanatory here, don't ya think? XD welp, enjoy!

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Information of Character
Name (last, first): Kira (no known last name, yet)
Nickname: Angel
Age: 15
Birthday (if known): May 10th
Gender: female
Species: human
Sexual Orientation: straight

About Him/Her
Personality: she's stereotyped as the shy loner type, though once she gets used to someone she's outgoing, creative, a bit stubborn, sweet, and she can by sly or manipulative when she needs to be
Good Habits: she's always willing to help others and enjoys various activities
Bad Habits: she doesn't talk much nor start conversations due to how shy she is, so she doesn't have many friends that way
Strengths in battle: she's great with planning things out and finding weaknesses
Weaknesses in battle: her magic has yet to be fully mastered, therefore it has its risks. She also isn't very great with long distance combat.
Likes: various arts, helping others, Mahjong, exploring Magnolia and the rest of Fiore, training with her friends, relaxing
Dislikes: dark guilds, those targeting her, being nervous or a clutz
Hobbies: drawing, exploring
Dreams: she wants to find out who she really is since she doesn't remember much of her past.
Life Story: she doesn't remember too much, however when she was younger she had a fine life with her parents and adopted brother. Her adopted brother wasn't a human, no, but a Heaven dragon named Hikari instead, element specific with light energy. It's rather foggy in her mind, but she knows she had a brother and one other sibling, a girl older than her but she doesn't know who it is. She ran away at six years of age due to her and her sister's magic energy endangering them, she never saw Hikari or her older sister after that again. Living in the woods for her was rough, however she lasted three months before nearly dying of dehydration. Nearly. As she passed out, she was rescued by Melody Kistanes, brought to Fairy Tail, brought back to health, and no sooner joined the guild. Now she's currently living with Melody as she can't afford her own house just yet and is learning to master her magic energy through the friends she's made.

Fairy Tail Information
Type of magic (caster/holder): caster
If caster:
Dragon Slayer (if yes, what element): no
Dragon that raised OC: none
If no, other (ie: god slayer, molder, memory make, etc..): Toraris Shifting - not to be confused with Takeover magic, Toraris is a more prehistoric and elusive magic in which can only be a blood born trait as a gift from an unknown source. Toraris, unlike Takeover, runs on a time limit of two to four hours depending on the strength of the Mage. If they don't shift back to their normal form, they're stuck in the form they took for good, hence how this magic energy is so uncommon. There is also a maximum of three creatures a Mage can shift into but the first they have a choice of. It depends on the most interested creature they're in, then that's their first shift. The other two shifted creatures depend on the mage's abilities and strengths.
Guild Affiliations
Member of a guild: yes
If so, which one: Fairy Tail
Guild mark location: left wrist in white
Guild Rank (S-class, master, normal): normal
Favorite type of missions: anything involving a new adventure or just helping someone with a favor
Team name (if OC is part of a team): none yet

Family and Friends
Parents: Unknown
Best Friends: Melody, Taylor, Mirajane, Romeo, Wendy, Sahara, Natsu, Happy
Friends: Cana, Lucy, Macao, Makarov, Carla, Gray
Rivals: Gajeel, Laxus, Juvia, Rin
Crush: Romeo
Relatives: Hikari (brother, missing)

Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: somewhat of an hourglass figure, pale skin
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Hair Style: medium length light brown hair often worn down
Outfits: she's found wearing clothing she borrows from Melody or Mirajane for special occasions (dresses, formal clothing), though she mainly likes wearing kimonos or simple casual clothing. She wears a two piece bikini when out swimming or at the beach. Typically wears a furred jacket and heavy pants when she goes to cold climates and looser clothes in warmer climates.
Accessories/Jewelry: no matter what she always wears a pair of fake angel wings her mother had given her before she passed on.
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: one scar running around her wrist.
Appearance (picture or not): picture (I have yet to draw it)

Theme song/quote: "I don't care if dark guilds are chasing me around trying to take my magic away, as long as I put up a good fight before it happens and I've put in my best efforts through and through I'm happy. I have my friends and they have helped me more than I've helped myself."
Favorite Season: summer
Favorite Time of Day: evening for the sunsets, she enjoys going down to the docks in Harcheon to watch them every night.
Favorite Holiday: she enjoys the Fantasia parade.
Favorite Color: blue or purple.
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Lol. 😄😅
on May 06, 2016
Hey, my name is Kira irl. Plus, I love ft!
Nice! XD
on May 06, 2016
on May 06, 2016