The Love Story Of My Best Friend

The Love Story Of My Best Friend

Okay, So this is the love story of my best friend. She has been through a lot so no hate comments please. Cookie this is for you to show you how much I care for you!

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How it all started

I was sitting at lunch when my best friend started calling out my name "Phoenix! Phoenix! Are you even listening?" "W-what? No sorry." "Well I was telling about this app called Discord!" "O-oh yeah. So you wanted me to get it?" "Yeah!" "Alright, let me get it set up on my laptop first!" "Okay! Thanks Phoenix!"
Once I got home I immediately downloaded the app. I told my best friend that I got it and we started to talk. Then she invited me to a group chat and I met a lot of people there! I made a new best friend named Chiz! So I was in my room chatting with my friends when I met this one person, his name was Jaxson. At first we where just mutual friends then we started dating! He live in a different time zone than me so I stayed up all night talking to him!
*Monday Morning* So I got up and got ready for school ( you know like always). I texted my best friend Chiz good morning! *at phone* "Hey Chiz! Good morning!" "Good morning Phoenix!" she replies. "Hey I have some bad news." She says. "Well what is it?" I said replied slowly. "S-Something happened to Jaxson." she said " What happened to Jax!?" I said scared. She didn't reply. She didn't reply all day until I got a text from her it said, "Jax, he- he killed himself!" I-I couldn't believe it! I was so sad!" H-he killed himself! Like committed suicide! I couldn't help it, I cried! The next morning my Friend Chiz texted me. "hey good morning!" I replied back "hey!" she wanted me too join a group chat? I agreed to it, I mean, it could help me get my mind off of Jax! Little do I know this would change our lives forever!
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I love it!
16 days ago