Warrior Cats: Lost to the Dark Forest. (Short story)

Warrior Cats: Lost to the Dark Forest. (Short story)

Bluestar has a surprise waiting for her up in Starclan...And not the nice kind.

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Lost to the Dark forest.

Bluestar seemed to frozen to spot as she stared down into the hollow amber eyes of the Vile Thistleclaw. The blood under her star-filled pelt boiled from pure rage. "What is that... Fox-dang doing here?" she whispered barely holding her anger.

Snowfur took a step forward, guarding her mate. "Bluestar, I know you hated him when he was alive but he has done nothing against his clan. He deserves to here as much as any of us."  Snowfur muttered, her body shaking. Just then Bluestar just let it all out, "Deserves to be here?!" She yelled, "Why can't you see for what he truly is? If he became Leader, he would've destroyed the clan.”. Though Snowfur just shock her head, “If, he became Deputy. But never became leader, did he?”.  

Bluestar lowered her head and struggling not unsheathed her claws, “Why are you so blind?!". Bluestar hated having to shout at her sister like this but it had to be said.

Snowfur's neck fur raised, "All of you are ones who are blind! I'm the only one who sees past his flaws." she remarked. Throughout the argument, Thistleclaw had just reminded silent but now he finally stood forward. "Stop being petty Bluestar. The rest of Starclan haven't got a problem with me being here and you don't have the right to say other wises. So just accept it already!" he hissed.  Bluestar just stood there, her head hang low. Snowfur and Thistleclaw fur began to lay flat as it seemed Bluestar to accept it.

The border of mist behind her began to twist round Bluestar's paws like vines. As if the mist was hungry for new prey to get trap in the endless forest just beyond.  Bluestar leapt at Thistleclaw with the strength of Banger! Snowfur yowled, “No!”.  Thistleclaw was taken completely off guard, he clumsily struggled as Bluestar bit and clawed at his head.  When Bluestar managed to get a footing on the water-like floor, she gripped Thistleclaw’s fur like bark, shoving his backwards. Thistleclaw stumbled a few tail-lengths closer to the mist.

“What are you doing?!” Snowfur shouted from behind.  Bluestar didn’t answered. She locked eyes with Thistleclaw. He curled his lip in a snarl, “You wouldn’t bare…”.

Bluestar driven forward, going in low then darting up. Before she get a firm grip on the large tom, he fell into a hunting crouch, turning Bluestar’s own move against her. She landed awkwardly.  “Don’t be mouse-brained!” he spoke sternly, lashing his tail. Snowfur stayed stuck to the ground as she watched her loved ones attacked each other. Bluestar charged, Thistleclaw kept his distance, darting away whenever Bluestar come too close. He kept quickly spending glances over his shoulder. He spent warning slashes dangerously close to Bluestar’s muzzle.

They wrestled for mere heartbeats before Thistleclaw broke away and spent Bluestar rolling. She gritted her teeth, she had barely made a scratch on him, just mainly ruffled up some fur.  She noticed that Thistleclaw’s eyes were now full of waviness. She looked behind her. She noticed vague shapes of towering black tree in the far distance, outlined with a sickey green glow.   

Bluestar’s ears twitched. She had to pick theses next moves carefully or it could just as easily be her wondering the bleak Dark forest alone. She began to side-step, circling Thistleclaw. He narrowed his eyes, waiting for Bluestar to make the first move. Bluestar was now the one closest to the Starclan’s border while Thistleclaw stood only being a few fox-lengths from the Dark forest’s. They shared a dead silence between them.

The two leapt at each other like hawks. Thistleclaw went for Bluestar’s paws, grabbing them. He slammed Bluestar onto the ground, spending the air from her body. A sudden wave pain striked through her body. She
cried out in pain. This made Thistleclaw pile on the pressure even more. Bluestar tried fight though the pain.

Thistleclaw aimed his massive paws at Bluestar’s exposed underbelly once more. Luckily she caught with her back legs, pinning Thistleclaw’s paws in mid-air.

She twisted then climbed onto Thistleclaw back. She raked the Grey tom’s backside, blood dripped from the fresh wound. Thistleclaw went onto his hind legs, trying forcefully to shake off his opponent. Bluestar let herself go limp, neatly rolling down his back. Thistleclaw aimed a killing bite at Bluestar’s neck with her still on the floor.  

However Bluestar went for an attack of her own, with all the strength she could gather, she crunched down deep into the base of Thistleclaw’s tail. There was a loud *Snap*.

There was a brief moment when it felt like time had stopped. Suddenly Thistleclaw spent out of scream of argy as his tail went limp. Bluestar yowled a battle cry and bolted at helpless whaling cat. Seemly without a second thought, Thistleclaw ran as quickly as he could with terror all over his face.

He ran towards the horizon of blackness, the mist getting fully hold of him, soon to be swallowed by it. The grey shadow of the cat that Bluestar had hated all her life was now faded. Into the Dark forest… “Where he belongs.” Bluestar muttered to herself.

She sat down with tail laid over her paws, heavy panting . Blood mixed with her pale blue glowing pelt.  All around the ghostly mist danced around her, blaring the beautiful moon-lit landscape of Starclan and the vast lifeless plains of the Dark forest . She was completely surrounded by the dim white vapor.  

For some reason she felt dread of emptiness, hang over her.
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