Pokemon Oneshots

Pokemon Oneshots

I have this on my (W)attpad too. It's just a bunch of short x readers I tried to write- Enjoy.

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Forever By Your Side (Red X Fem!Reader)

A/N: Idk how this is gonna play out- but Enjoy!

forgive me if this sucks-


(Y/N) huddled under the blanket as the storm raged on. She never liked the sound of thunder, and it always scared her. Holding onto her pokemon Growlithe as he barked at the wind outside, a knock at the door caught her attention.

"C-Come in."

Red entered the room, his expression neutral and emotionless as usual. (Y/N) quickly wiped away the tears in her eyes as he entered the room. Growlithe barked happily at Red as the raven haired male sat down next to (Y/N). She blushed and looked away. She had liked Red since they were kids but still never really knew how to tell him how she felt. He wasn't really the type to show so much as a slight smile in front of others.

"What's wrong?" He brushed her long bangs behind her ear, which caused the girl to blush a slight pink. (Y/N) was about to speak when another loud crash of thunder clashed outside. She squeaked in fright and hugged red tightly. To her surprise, he held her in his arms, resting his chin on her head.

"R-red? What are you doing?"

"Comforting you."

His reply came cool and smoothly. (Y/N) always liked that about him. How he always seemed so brave and strong. She huddled close to him, ignoring the raging storm.

They sat like that for a while til the rain began to ease and the noise died down. (Y/N) had fallen asleep in Red's arms. He looked at her, his face flushing a faint pink. He never said it out loud, but he cared a lot about her. Carefully, he carried (Y/N) to her bed and lay her down so she could rest. Giving a soft smile as he kissed her forehead, he left the room. Taking one last look, he smiled.

"I'll always be here for you. Forever by your side."
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can you continue it
I'm working on motivation uwu I haven't gotten any ideas yet
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