Angels (A V-Hope Fanfiction)

Angels (A V-Hope Fanfiction)

"But why did you jump?" "Well, because..." "Why?" "Because...I wanted to fly again."

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Chapter 1.

Day Zero, Time Unknown

        "I'm sorry! Really!"
        No mercy. Absolutely none.
        "Please! Please–AHHH!"
        He pulled the panicked girl towards him. "I told you to never tell anyone."
        "But–I'm sorry!!"
        He straightened his arms and let go without another word.
        Sending the screaming girl down 10,000 feet towards certain death.


        "The Council has decided."
        He looked down and closed his eyes. He knew what was coming.
        "Kim Taehyung, you have been found guilty of first degree murder for dropping an 18-year-old girl to her death. The consequence is the removal of your  privilege."
        He started, staring at the judge in shock. "What?"
        "You murdered an innocent. You cannot live with us–therefore, you will be exiled for six months. But if you are able to earn your privilege back within these two months, you will be welcomed back."
        "What–no! That's unfair!" Taehyung felt the anger rising inside him and struggled to get past the guards, past the restraints.
        The judge stayed calm. "Kim Taehyung, do you acknowledge your murder?"
        He stilled and squeezed his eyes shut. "Yes."
        "What we're doing is fair and just. Do you object?"
        He felt the judges power, heard his call to stay quiet. He felt his own power to object trying to fight back. And suddenly, he couldn't speak.
        "No, you don't." He could almost hear the judge's smirk. "Case closed."
        And Taehyung felt the guards leading him away. Dimly felt it.
        Because he knew what was about to happen.

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Comments (5)

i dont ship it, but its good
on September 20, 2016
on September 20, 2016
The story is good but a little bit confusing at the moment
That's the point XD
I'm trying to make it so the readers have to try to figure out what's going on.
But thank you!!
If you want to read more, I published a few more chapters that will hopefully clear everything up ^^
on September 18, 2016
on September 14, 2016
on September 14, 2016