Disappearing Souls

Disappearing Souls

Several centuries after the time of the four clans, Darkclan and Lightclan have a huge problem. After a bloody battle, they realize that something is wrong. Very, very, wrong.

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Chapter 1.
After the Battle

After the Battle

   "Hollyheart! Don't leave me!" My brother cried, his voice ringing in my ears. His mate was losing too much blood and her pelt was dripping red. I pressed my side against Lichenheart's shaking body. His green eyes were filled with unbearable sorrow as he watched Hollyheart's blue eyes cloud over and dull.
   "I'm so sorry, Lichenfur." I whispered softly to my brother. Suddenly, he leaped up and snarled. His claws scraped the hard rock of the medacine cat den. He shot his glare towards Blackberry, the medacine cat.
   "You could have saved Hollyheart!" He shreiked, his voice scathing. Blackberry should her head, her paws stained from the blood of her patients.
   "You wanted her to die! You coward, you don't deserve to be a Lightclan cat!" He hissed, unsheathing his long claws.
   "Enough, Lichenheart." A voice boomed. Thistletail, the Lightclan deputy, was standing before the medicine cat den, his broad shoulder and tall figure looming over us. Lichenheart stiffened, but soon sunk to the ground. His paws wrapped over his head as he mourned for his lost love.
   "The battle with Darkclan has had an effect on the whole forest. Don't blame others for something we all did." He meowed sternly, but his voice was softer than usual. I nudged Lichenheart out of the medacine cat den and toward the warrior's den.
   After I took a short rest, we heard a yowl from the clearing. It was time to bury the ones we lost. As we stepped through the reeds and into the moonlight, we saw the bodies of the fallen. Hollyheart, Jaytalon, Wolfhowl, and Badgerwhisker. I sighed as I looked upon the damage this battle had done, mentally and physically.

   Soon the bodies were buried beneath the earth and we were just about to head back to the warrior's den, we heard a loud cry from the medacine cat den. Blackberry came scampering through the reeds, her eyes wide and her fur on end.
   "Starclan has sent me a vision! The stars are lost!" She cried before collapsing into a panicked heep.
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Comments (1)

GREAT idea about the Starclan cats not making it to Starclan!!! Sad, but a great idea!
on April 17