New Dragons, New Allies

New Dragons, New Allies

Taylor's been with her dragon friends for so long, even though she still has just four official dragons as her partners, there's still an amazing world of dragons just waiting for discovery.

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Chapter 1.
Return to Zeracen!

Return to Zeracen!

As time progressed, Taylor realized it was getting more and more difficult. Taking care of and protecting her dragon friends, and keeping up her training and missions as a new Chunin was starting to become a real burden. Sure, she enjoyed both things, but her schedule was starting to become jam packed, and none the less she had to keep in touch with her crush Manic as much as she could.
Taylor buried her face in her pillows, sure she had a lot of work to do, but she felt completely miserable about it. Lately she hadn't been able to do anything she wanted to do at all, which included finding more dragons to study and befriend back on the floating island of Zeracen, home to her lifelong friend Greenstreak and his three siblings, Zircon, Mystery, and Wolfwings.
However, there were many other dragons upon that floati island just waiting to be discovered by Taylor, dragons that could amaze and even make rumors beyond the mobian eye become a reality. She could only imagine what wonders the island could behold, and she missed going to Zeracen island all the time like she had when she was still in the academy.
Now all there were to do was work, work, and of course, work. Taylor being the hard working ninja she was, was completely exhausted from doing numerous jobs and going on many missions every day, sometimes even being gone for a week during the more important missions. Missions and jobs were always proving to be a challenge for her, even a splendid ninja could be stumped.
"I want to go back to Zeracen..." Taylor mumbled through her pillows. Just then Manic had opened the door.
"Knock knock I'm comin in." He said and spotted Taylor laying face down on her bed and couldnt help but to start chuckling.
"Oh hi Manic..." Taylor replied, again through her pillows. Manic walked over to her and sat down on the edge of her bed.
"Hey Tay. What's up?" He asked, obviously starting to catch on to how she was acting.
"I miss going to Zeracen..."
"You mean the island?"
"Well, why don't ya go? You have a lot of time to if ya ask me."
"I can't Manic," Taylor said and sat up to face her beloved green mobian hedgehog. "There's been a lot of work to do here in the village, and I'm not kidding when I mean a lot."
"C'mon, it's gotta be tiring going out on those ninja things of yours."
"Missions Manic, missions.."
"Right... I'll tell ya what, I'll talk to your little boss friend what's her face and you can go to Zeracen! How's that sound huh?"
"Y-you'd really do that?"
"Of course I will, what's love for anyway?"
"Oh thank you thank you thank you Manic!!!" Taylor shouted smiling and hugged him.
"Hey take it easy there," Manic replied laughing and hugged Taylor back. "C'mon, Greenstreak's downstairs waiting for ya!"
"How'd he get in?"
"I opened up the skylight for him, saw his head pokin' in the window." Manic said grabbing Taylor's hand and led her off downstairs. As soon as they had gotten downstairs, there stood Greenstreak, who started purring in anticipation.
"Hi Greenstreak!" Taylor said happily and the large dragon lunged at her, tackling her to the ground and licking her face. Manic smiled and Taylor laughed uncontrollably.
"Hey!! Greenstreak haha! Knock it off already! Haha!" Taylor said through her laughter. Greenstreak jumped off and bounded around in circles like a puppy.
"You should head off, I'll come and see you as much as I can, 'Kay Tay?" Manic suggested wrapping his arm around her. She blushed and nodded.
"'Kay!" She replied smiling and kissed his cheek. She then jumped up onto Greenstreak's back, putting her head band on her head, and wrapping her dragon scale like scarf around her neck. "Let's go Greenstreak! See you soon Manic!"
"See ya!" Manic said smiling as Greenstreak flew off with Taylor on his back.
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