The great Sabira (Vampire story)

This is a story about a human girl named Sabira Esther. Read as she go's through hard ship and joy with the Yakedo siblings. I maid this story in 2006 so if it seems a bit off I'm sorry about that. Any way back to Sabira, as time go's she's changed to a vampire to be with one of the brother's. Not long after she must turn to two werewolf twins for help as her allies become enemy. Read this story to find out what ells go's on between her and one of the twins. This story has 14 chapters to it so enjoy.

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The New class mates are what! "Vampires!"

        Some people thinks vampires are not real, some think they are real and well this girl is one of though's who think there not real. Her name is Sabira Esther, 16 years old and the year is 2006.  Right now she's in class doing a test, as she did the test the teacher announce there was new students and they all introduce them selves to the new students.  When it was her turn, she was nerves to tell them about her self but she did.  Hi I'm Sabira Esther, I'm from New York City and I’m 16 years old.  She said nervously as she stood up in her desk. Now introduce your selves to the class. The teacher said plainly.  Hi my name is Yakedo Shiroame I came here from Tokyo, Japan and will be staying for 7 months.  The older brother said plainly as he looked at every one. Hi my name is Kyoushu Shiroame, I to am from Tokyo, Japan.  The younger boy said nicely. Hi my name is Sashi Shiroame and I'm from Tokyo, Japan as well. I'm bother the's boy's younger sister. The Young girl said happily that was with them. The teacher then put Yakedo in a set next to Sabira, she felt nerves siting next to him and worried about the other girls looking at her mad.  

Sabira is a shy, childish, mentally fragile person and does not like to be alone.  Yakedo Shiroame is a cute boy who is all ways straight forward about what he say's and what he does.  He all ways has a emotionless expression, he has a twin brother and a little sister.  Kyoushu is like his brother but shows kindness to his little sister and to some people, he listens to his big brother even though he doesn't won't to.  Sashi acts like a 7 year old girl and can be serious at times but if you get her mad you better run.  Kyoushu sits behind Sabira and Sashi sits in front of her.  Sabira finished the test and waited for the bell to ring.  Sashi and Kyoushu started to talk to her about them selves well Sabira felt shy to talk to them but she did any way.  When the bell rang, every one left the class and went to the next one.  It seem the Shiroame family had all of Sabira's classes and the next class was gym.  Sabira showed Sashi the locker room and gave her a gym uniform.  They both sat by the bleachers and watched the boys play basketball.  Sabira could not take her eye's off of Kyoushu well Sashi left to get water for her and Sabira.  When she was gone Kyoushu came over to her and started to talk to her.  I see you and my little sister are getting along nicely.  He said emotionless as he sat down and looked at her.  Ya she's really nice, I've never meet some one so nice before, all my other friends are sometimes mean to me.  Sabira said haply then sad and put her head down.  

Which ones are being mean to you?  He asked a little angry tell Yakedo came over to them.  Kyoushu stay out of her business.  Yakedo said emotionless as he looked at his brother.  I just won't to help her brother.  Kyoushu said emotionless as he looked at him tell  Yakedo looked down at her with his emotionless expression.  Do you won't my twin brother to protect you from girls you call friends?  He said as he looked at her. Sabira looked down at the floor but answered him.  If he wants to, I was going to stop being there friend today but I don't know where there at.  Sabira said plainly as she looked up at him, Yakedo just looked down at her with his green eye's and then said something that shocked her.  I will find your so called friends then tell them for you and if Kyoushu wants to protect you it is fine with me.  He said emotionless. Sabira  looked up at him curiously be for she spock.  I don't mean to sound mean but why do you need to give Kyoushu or Sashi permission to do anything?  Sabira asked in wonder. Because I am the oldest and I know what is OK for them to do.  He said plainly as he looked at her. Pushing the mater a side She then looked behind them and saw a bunch of boys hovering around Sashi.  OK, what about your little sister, though's boys over there are messing with her.  Sabira said worriedly, Yakedo looked behind him and was about to go over to them but Kyoushu went over instead.  You can sit down Shiroame, its not going to hurt you to sit.  Sabira said as she looked up at him. Yakedo looked down at her be for siting really close to her, she started to get nerves but got even more nerves when her old friends started to walk up to her.  

What are you doing here, your suppose to be doing our homework for us instead of flirting with the Shiroame brothers.  One of her friends said rudely, Yakedo then wrap his arms around Sabira and pulled her in his lap. She can do whatever she wants girls, your not her mother or her father and besides why would a beautiful girl want to be around a bunch of girls like you.  He said emotionless, The girls didn't stay and just took off mad at what he just said to them  Yakedo still held Sabira in his lap.  Kyoushu came back with Sashi who then gave Sabira her water and sat by them.  What are you doing holding Sabira, Yakedo?  Kyoushu asked in wonder as he looked at Sabira in his brothers lap.  Her friends cam over so I put her in my lap in case one of them tried anything.  Yakedo said emotionless.  Ow OK, any way come lets go  play basketball, the others won't to finish our game.  Kyoushu said tardily and got up tell Yakedo pulled him back down.  You need rest, stay with the girls and I'll play.  Kyoushu just nodded his head watching Yakedo got up well holding Sabira and then handed her to Kyoushu who gladly put her in his lap with his arms raped around her protectively.  Yakedo left to play ball with the other boys well  Kyoushu just sat there watching as Yakedo played. Sabira didn't know why they where acting like this but she did not want to get in the middle of this and just stood in Kyoushu's arms.  She fell a sleep in his arms that maid her fell safe and worm.  She woke up when she felt him get up and held her in his arms to the girls locker room then stopped.  Sabira then heard his emotionless voice but also heard gentleness in his voice call her name and opened her eyes to meet his silver ones.  

Yes, Kyoushu. She said sleepy and rubbed one of her eyes.  Time to change your uniform, we need to go to science class and fast.  He said emotionless as he looked at her sleepy face go to one of shock.  "Ow," I fell sleep, I'm so sorry, I'll hurry so we don't make it late.  Kyoushu didn't say a word putting her down gently like if she was made of glass. she wondered why he was being so gentle with her but quickly went in the locker room and changed.  They both made it in time to sit and talk to there friends until the teacher came in.  OK class were going to have an experiment, I will pick a partner for you and if you don't like your partner to bad.  The teacher then announce every ones partner, the last one was Sabira and Yakedo.  She was happy and shocked to be paired with Yakedo.  The other girls were mad at her but she didn't care and it seemed he did not mined either.  The experiment was to find things out side and capture butterflies.  The teacher then gave each group a list of things to find and sent them out.  Kyoushu was paired up with Sashi and they got their list first.  When Sabira got her list she went out side and started to look for the things on it first she found a net that is used to catch butterflies and then Yakedo found a big jar.  The next thing they needed to find is the butterflies, as they were looking for the butterflies Yakedo started to talk to Sabira and he caught one butterfly  but they have to find more.  Sabira is my twin brother bothering you?  He asked emotionless and kept trying to find more butterflies.  

Not really but there are days I like to be alone.  Sabira said plainly like it was a com in question and tried finding some butterflies as well.  When is that?  He ask curiously.  Well like when I want to think, why?  She asked in wonder and looked at his back.  Just wondering.  May I ask why are you asking me these questions?  She asked in wonder tell Yakedo stopped and looked at her but then looked a way.  She got a little scared by his stair and went back to what she was doing.  We need to find the butterflies and get back before the bell rings. He said plainly as he kept walking looking around. Sabira then looked at the floor and started to walk.  She did not care if he was following her or not, she just did not want to look at him right now and the reason was she felt like he was going to kill her for asking a simple question. She then had a feeling to look forward and when she did she started to fall.  All of a sudden Yakedo wrap his arms around her and held her close to him.  They went rolling down a hill tell they got to a stop at the bottom.  Sabira want to get up but stop when she heard Yakedo moan in pain. She instantly looked at his back and saw that something was in his back.  Shiroame are you OK, you still a wake?  She said frantic as she looked at him. Yes, can you take the stick out of my back.  He said in pin, nodding her head she then grabbed the stick and gently pulled it out.  Can you get up or no?  She asked as she through the stick to the side. I think so but I'm not sure.  He said in pain then started to get up. Sabira helped the best she could and sat next to him by a tree.  

Can I look at your back so I can clean the wound and if you want you can lay your head on my lap.  She said kindly as she looked at him. Yakedo didn’t say any thing just  laid on his stomach and laid his head on her lap.  She then gently pulled his shirt up, then pulled out her bottle of water, napkin from her pocket and used it to clean his wound gently.  When she was done she put his shirt back down and notice he was a sleep.  She then heard the bell ring, she knew she couldn't do anything so she just sat there messing with his short red hair.  After a while she fell a sleep, when she woke up she felt like someone had her in there lap with an arm around her and running there fingers through her long blond hair.  She couldn't help but wrap her arms around the person then cuddle into the person until she heard the person chuckled.  She then opened her eyes to see who the person was, she was shocked to see Yakedo's green eyes looking down at her, she then heard him chuckle again and she instantly bared her face into his chaste.  Its all right Sabira, you don't have to be shy and plus no ones out here to see us. He said amused at her behavior.  I know Shiroame, its just I've never been  in a situation like this before.  She said embarrassed. He held her close to him and smiled down at her.   All the girls in school like you and so do the boys.  She said nervously.  It's OK,  I get that a lot and I just ignore them all.  He said proudly as he looked forward. Not wanting to stay that way she then got up, Yakedo did the same but then pulled Sabira behind him and some boy came out from behind a tree.  

What are you doing here?  The boy said in wonder as he looked at them. I was about to ask the same thing to you Chi.  Yakedo said in anger.  I came for the girl, what are you doing here Taifu?  The guy said annoyed.  The same as you Chi, if you want her your going to have to go through me.  Yakedo said angrily and dangerously.  They then started to fight, Yakedo won and Chi left.  Are you OK Shiroame?   She said worriedly.  Yes, are you OK?  He said in deep breaths. Yes I'm fine, who was that?  She asked in wonder and looked up at him.  Someone I use to know, we better be going its getting late.  He said emotionless  "What, I miss my other classes, if my mother finds out I'm so dead.  She said scarred and started to freak out.  Don't worry, she won't know if you don't tell her.  He said emotionless as he grabbed her arms to stop her from running around.  I know but I don't like  lying to my mother.  She said sadly and looked at his eyes.  I'll tell her for you.  He said emotionless but she know he would keep his word.  They then left home and found out there house were next to each other.  

~2 months later~

        Sabira got up, made breakfast and went out with Sashi.  They bought some dresses for a dinner party they planned with Yakedo, Kyoushu and went back to there house.  Sabira put her long blue dress on, it was a bikini striped dress with the back all open and the front is in a v shape.  Sashi got a long white dress with short sleeves and the front in a V shape that goes to her belly button.  They both did each others hair and make-up.  At 9:00 pm the boys came over, they dressed in tucks and they left.  Sabira kept looking down so Yakedo would not see the blush on her face and the dress she was wearing made her fell reveling.  When they got to the restaurant, all the guys looked at Sabira and Sashi like they were the most interesting thing in the place.  Yakedo then wrap an arm around Sabira and Kyoushu did the same to his sister.  When they were done eating they left to a fancy club and danced.  Kyoushu and Sashi left early but Yakedo stood with Sabira.  They left at 1:00 Am, as they were walking home three guys came out of nowhere, one grabbed Sabira and the other two grabbed Yakedo.  Yakedo stood still, his emotionless expression on his face and asked them what do they want.  "Just a little snack, you two can have him and don't drop blood on the floor. " The guy said sternly.  

The guy holding Sabira then pinned her against a wall, the guys holding Yakedo then went for his neck and Sabira kept trying to get free from the guys pinning her.  Right before the guy got to dig his fangs into her neck Yakedo sliced the two guys heads off and they turned into ash.  Sabira looked in shock, Yakedo's eyes was now bright green, then got frighten when the guy grabbed her hair and put a knife to her neck.  "Let her go and I won't kill you too."  Yakedo said emotionless.  "No, she's coming with me and sens when did you care about humans?"  The guy said shakily.  "What I do is none of your business, now let her go."  He said angry.  "make me." The guy said daringly as he looked at Yakedo.  Yakedo then appeared behind the guy and slice his head off.  When the guy turned to ash Yakedo picked up Sabira and took off in the sky.  She was shocked to see bat wings come out of his back but just hid her face in his chest.  Next thing she know she was in a king size bed  getting up and looked around the room.  It looked like a room you would find in a castle. Getting out of the bed she went to the door leaving the room to walk around the place and felt like she was in a castle.  There was so many halls she went through tell she turned a corner and bumped into someone.  The person wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close to them before she fell backwards.  When she looked to see who it was she got scared when she saw it was Chi and pushed away from him.  She then ran down the hall, as she ran she came to a room with a bunch of people and she stopped when she saw Kyoushu and Sashi.  Sabira went to go up to  Kyoushu but some one grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

It was a guy with short blue spiky hair,  black shirt, a black jacket on top, black baggy pants with chains on them and black shoes.  "What are you doing here human, are you here for dinner or lunch?" The guy said with a smirk on his face. " No, I was going to talk to Kyoushu and Sashi over there." She said nervously as she looked at him.  "They are busy at the moment, you can talk with me if you like."  The guy said slyly as he looked at her. "I'll just wait for them to be done thank you though."  Sabira said be for she left the room and started to walk down the halls again.  As she did someone all of a suddenly came out of no where and pinned her to the wall.  "Like I would let such a fine girl like you walk away from me with out drinking there blood and you my dear will be my dinner."  The guy said hungrily.  "She will not Jack."  Yakedo said sternly as he stood next to the guy. "Ow, so she is yours and here I thought you hated humans for what they did to you."  Jack said teasingly.  "Get away from her and leave Jack or I will make sure you can't touch anything again."  Yakedo said angrily as he looked at him. Jack did as told moving away from her, as he walked away he said something that mad Yakedo mad.  "You can never resist the lovely girls can you Taifu and they always wind up drained of blood."  Jack said teasingly with a smile on his face then disappeared.  "Yakedo what is he talking about?"  She said  frightened as she fallowed him down the halls.  "Nothing, now go back to the room."  He said sternly.  

"I don't know where the room is, I got lost and came to this room filled with people inside."  She said comely.  "You are not a loud out of the room on leas I'm with you, do you understand?"  He said emotionless as he looked at her. "Yes but why can't I stay with your little sister or brother instead of being in that room all day and night?"  She said comely and pleadingly.  "Have you ever heard of vampires?"  He said flatly looking from her to around them and back.  "Yes but I don't believe they are real."  She said in wonder and looked at him as she walked. Stopping he looked at her as she stopped to look back at him in wonder.  "What do you think lives in this palace, every person in this palace is a vampire."  He said teasingly with a smile on his face.  "That means........ your a........ vampire."  She said  frightened as she moved back word a way from him. "Don't worry Sabira I'm not going to bit you, you are my guest in this house and the other people in this house are my parents guest."  Yakedo said emotionless as he started to walk again with her by his side.  Feeling afraid she hide behind Yakedo when she saw someone walking by.  "You don't have to hide Sabira." Yakedo said plainly as he kept looking forward. "I know but I'm scared, all the things I've heard about vampires mad me scared of them so I tried not to believe they wore real and now that I know they are real I'm scared of what they might try to do to me."  She said frighten.  

"Don't worry, I will not let them hurt you." Yakedo said plainly as he walked with her behind him.  Sabira smiled at his words then hugged him as she looked up at him.  "Thank you Yakedo."  She said happy. "I see my son is having fun, this is the first time I ever had to tell you not to play with your food."  A old man in robes said kindly.  "Father this is my friend from school and I do not play with my food."  Yakedo said emotionless and angry at the end.  "Ow sorry, please forgive me I did not know you where Taifu's friend."  The man said kindly and took her hand then kissed her knuckles.  "It’s all right."  She said warded out.  "I have things to do so take care and Taifu make sure no one goes near her or something might happen to her."  The man said concerned.  "I know father."  Yakedo said plainly as he nodded his head as his father left them and started to walk again.  When they got to the room Yakedo opened the door for Sabira to go in and went in after her. "I will stay in the room with you tell I have to go do some thing OK."  He said emotionless.  "OK, at last I get some company, will you play a game with me?"  She said cheerful.  "What game would you like to play?"  He said in wonder.  "Card game, its called speed and its easy to play so if you have to go we will be done playing in a minuet."  Sabira said cheerfully.  "If that is what you won't Sabira." He said plainly siting down on the bed next to her. They played speed tell they got bored of it when it got dark Sabira's stomach started to growl.  "I'll go get you something to eat stay here and be good."  He said emotionless.  "OK, I'll do my best to be good."  She said jokingly.  She then smiled at him as he looked back at her from the door be for he left.
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