Don't be afraid of the Farmer's gun

Don't be afraid of the Farmer's gun

This is my first horror story so please take it easy on me and I hope you enjoy . This is about a Boy who finds a haunted hospital and when he enter he has to live until dawn

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Chapter 1.
Prank or Real

Prank or Real

" Run rabbit run rabbit run run run don't be afraid of the farmer's gun " the two kids voice got louder I ran to safety . CAN I LIVE PLEASE

Hello I'm Nick Jones known as a famous reporter today I'm doing a report on a very old abandoned hospital . People say it's haunted by children who want revenge,adults who are killers,and elders who love guts . I think it fake people just want to scare us but you may never know . I going there today and it might be just a prank or not but like I said you may never know .

* Time skip *

We finally arrived . I waved bye to the driver and I went in . As I walked in the doors slammed shut " Must been the wind " I whispers to myself . I walked around a bit nothing on the first floor but I was scared on what I saw on the 2nd floor . Blood,Chairs on the floor hospital things all over the place I heard kids singing and giggling,Doctors talking also adults,elders coughing breathing evilly . I wanted out I never seen or heard stuff like this . I soon started walking down the hall writing down this . I couldn't help but pick up the paste . There kid keep singing " Run rabbit Run rabbit run run run don't be afraid of the farmer's gun " The ghost girl kept singing and a little boy was singing with her . It soon turned night and that everything got scary . Screams where screamed curses where yelled . Kids crying for mom and dad . I just went to the 4 floor . I little boy and little girl standing holding hands . The walked down the hall . I couldn't help but follow . They walked too a room with blood on the walls the word " RUN WHILE YOU CAN " I just stood there and soon walked out and I heard the Girl and Boy sing " Run rabbit run rabbit run run run don't be afraid of the Farmer's gun " I soon hid somewhere . I heard footsteps of doctors and them talking . I saw feet walk past where I was hiding . I heard a doctor say " Someone free keep an eye out for her " The doc said right then and there and giggle was herd . " Can't catch me you got catch him first " the girl said creepily .
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