Lila Sorubi (Hunter x Hunter fan fiction)

Basically a modified version of the Hunter x Hunter anime. Please enjoy it!

published on July 31, 201613 reads 7 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

Lila's discription!

Name: Lila Sorubi (Lie- la So- roo- be)
Age: 13
Nen type: Specialist
Companion: Chikoru (a male crow)
Weapon: Voice (creates illusions if used for that) and pure strength as well as Chikoru!
Her unknown talent: You'll find out soon!
Looks: Shoulder-length Pinkish Lilac hair. Sky blue eyes. Slightly shorter than Gon. Wears a purple, slightly baggy hoodie, it's sleeves cut to where it'd be a short sleeve shirt. Wears a jean-like skirt.
Personality: Innocent, smart, friendly, reckless at times, helpful, loving, stubborn, hot-headed, joyful most of the time.

Short Bio:
     Lila was born in a small town and was raised by her grandparents. She trained to be hunters like her parents who abandoned her. She often sang to express how she felt and still does. She unlocked Nen at age 7 and practiced the forms of it. She loves chocolate and animals. She has two adoptive siblings. She loves them with all her heart!
See ya in the actual story!          ('''''""""""""""""""''''''')
                                               |                         |       <-- Failed ice cream in a bowl...
                                                        /      \
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