The girl in front of me

The girl in front of me

Just a little story I wrote because I was bored. Umm yes it is based of my life but ages are different.

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Chapter 1.

Day 1

I'm pretty much just the average every day student...but what is the average 13 year old middle schooler? So I guess I'm not the average teen. I'm It was almost the second month of summer vacation but yet I was waking up somewhat early and heading of to school. Our school selects a few "role model students" in the middle shool and they go off to this training at this college like 5 minutes away from my house. I tried to pick out a great outfit, you never know when you'll meet your crush. My hair was in a high pony tail which just reached the tip of my shoulders and I wore a cute red shirt, black converse high tops, and a pair of shorts.

When I got there I felt lost, I always felt lost. I only had so many friends and I wasn't close to any of these people. Sure enough I got talking and started feeling like less of an outsider but then I noticed her. She was sitting with her school a few tables ahead of me with her perfect blonde, almost dirty blonde hair pulled into a half ponytail and her blue but sometimes looked the slightest bit green eyes that were almost exactly the same as mine. I quickly scanned the crowd so none of my classmates would catch me staring at her.

The people in charge divided us into groups by grade I was obviously but with the 7th and 8th group. I walked with my school and plopped down in a seat. She was in the circle of chairs across from me. I looked at her name tag "Clara". Clara, it was such a cute name. I've always loved the name Clara even before I saw her.

We had to watch this video I f*cking hate having to watch videos that are the slightest but said when I'm on my period. Periods suck! I felt like dying the whole video. I wanted to purposely space out but they'd ask questions about the video and I wouldn't want to look stupid in front of Clara.

I zoned out of my groups conversations to here her speak (I sound so frickin creepy round now). Her voice was somewhat like mine but at the same time not, it was lower but not to long I sound really weird right now but she has a really nice voice.

Oh yay (said half sarcasm) I was walking about of the room I was just in to go off to snack and there was a sign that had to do with LGBT and I felt like crying, cuz ya now...periods.

Of course snack was not my time to talk to Clara I'll never get a chance to talk to Clara. I'll probably be dead before I ever had a long conversation with Clara! She was hanging out with her school (ugh) and I was hanging out with my class and of course they'd be like "why. Do you like her. Omg are you les." I cannot deal with coming out of the closet right now.

The rest of the day went by and I didn't cross paths with Clara.
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