shadow demon

it's my first one and I hope you guys enjoy it i't about this demon girl, and i'm not gonna spoil it, just enjoy until chapter 2!

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the charm demon

Flash back
The last thing I remember, I was falling off a cliff then someone call caught me, then I blacked out. “W-who are y-you?”, why was he sitting on my bed,  “all in short time, there are things you will learn on your own”
“But you didn’t answer my que-” he walked away before I can try to get out of bed, oh wait, it hurts even to sit up, “Oh my god, your ok! I was so worried about you” oh no my sister “oh, visiting time is over” Mrs. B said, she’s one of the nurses, my favorite nurse if I do say so myself, because she always saves me at the right time  
“Mrs. B, can you bring over the wheel chair?” and maybe some food, too
“ok , but don’t cry when it hurts” she answers, maybe a hint of sarcasm in her voice, man she is the sarcastic nurse,
“Ah,good to get out of the bed once and awhile” and got out of bed, it felt like I was using a mystical force like I can create anything
“Kate , y-y-you’re standing up, you’re not healed yet” all scared like, then she ran out
“I can explain” but first I need to get out of here

Part 1
Chapter 1:

I woke up with a startle “oh my god” I whispered and there is one thing that i didn’t tell you is that i can use my powers to control my legs, which is weird, but the best part is that I live with people like me, “hun, time to get ready for school!” how ya and one more thing, it’s a family, that’s right a family”oh and one more thing, stop talking to yourself and GET dressed already” she added, that is my adopted mom.
“Ya ok mom, right on it” with a hint of sarcasm in my  voice. Today I was wearing a yankee shirt, like the button up  shirt a Brett gardner one too, i was wearing shorts but not boy shorts, ugg, girl shorts, and to top it off, my anime cat ears, then I went down stairs and took my breakfast and kissed my mom and left, when i was walking to school some girl pulled me over and I felt like she was a shapeshifter “I know you’re a air shaper and you know that I’m a shapeshifter, but I have been sent to tell you that only you can save the world”
“Ok look I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but can you get off me?” then i used the air to push her off me, then I ran off to school. Hey you’re late, finally. Ha you’re such a jokester Adam “how about you not getting fazed by him, will ya?”
“Sorry he’s just so, what’s the word?” I asked her, just couldn't stop staring at him
“Evil, that’s the word” she answered my question “but you fought him twice already, and one of the time and you or him, are gonna win, so-” before she could finish her answer these guys came out of nowhere hope you have fun against my henchman then he started laughing, I mean come on who would just start laughing,ugh then I made an air sword and took all of them down, but their was one of the heckman, something about him that was hypnotizing, but he was just standing there waiting for the end to come and I walked over and gave him my number and whispered “I will spare you, you’re life if you tell me how to kill your boss, and then if trust you and if you you don’t? Well that’s a different story,Ok? Ok, good” then I walked away to class and quickly looked at him and he looked different it was like he changed quickly into his normal clothes and he walked towards the school I go, just great just my luck. At the end of the last period the boy from this morning “oh hey girl from this morning, how are you? I’m Jack”
“ya , you thing I didn’t notice and my name isn’t “girl from this morning” it’s Kate” I asked him and he kinda smiled
“I promise, do you need a ride home?” he asked and I Kinda tried to smile and say no but, it was hard
“no, but what are you?” in my own time I could see about maybe about say eight to ten creatures in one day, but this one I haven't seen in a long time
“I’m a charm demon, and you, my dear, are a air demon, your speeches is a rare and all the people who have the air demon blood are, and get this, all females, FEMALES” he answered and I kinda smiled at that and then he noticed it and tried to charm me but at the right moment my buss was called and and I walked away quickly not before he called his ninjas “GOD, please stop” I made an air sword and Jack made a ninja sword, it was weird it was pink
“Every weapon I make comes out pink, it’s kinda cool” then he came at me with a low swing right at my knee caps and I moved right out of the path then I swung my sword at his face and he blocked it and then out of nowhere the ninja boy comes out of the shadows and stabbed him right in the back with a knife and ran out of the shadows and ran over to me and grabbed my shoulders
“Are you ok? Are you hurt at all?” it sounded like he was worried for me, and I just had to smile”what? What’s so funny?” he just had to say to make my smile more bigger, then I cuddled up to him a little bit
“Well you can tell me you’re name first that would be nice” and i put some enthusiasm in name
“Umm, Sam and what’s you’re name” and he also put some enthusiasm in name also
“My name is Kate, if you need to know so bad and if I need any info on anyone I’ll call, so have have your phone on you ok?” and then he looked at me curiously and then I just had to laugh at that look, but he just looked
“Ok, enough of that look and don’t even look at me that way please” I just said that and he just went read and looked away then he stood up and walked away “ i’ll call you so you have my number, and do you need a ride?”he was opening the car door and I jumped up and ran over to his car it wasn’t anything nice but it was something when i got in the car Sam tried to grab my hand but I pulled it away from his hand then I smiled then I took a nap “ok, we’re here” he said directly in my face probably just to wake me up
“Is this your excuse just to wake me up? And their is another thing can the ugly demon that I don’t like at all, can he regenerate by any chance?” god I hope he gives me a valid answer to my question.
“Well it depends on how healthy the heart is-” before you can finish
“What do you mean do mean by heart?!?” I was kinda surprised by his answer
“Well, when he gets a girlfriend he automatically takes her to somewhere private then he puts his hand in her body and takes out the heart and eats it, then he can have a life extension to his own” now his answer is more help full “also this is your stop my lady, have a nice night and watch your back”he put some enthusiasm in watch, but that statement just had to make me laugh
“Ok, see you tomorrow” then I ruffled his hair then closed my door and watch him leave and I was smiling when I was walling up the stairs to my house, when I opened the door all of my adopted family  was their congrating me “What did I do?” I think this was the most weirdest day of my life
“Well we heard about your victorie over that demon, but we can take that you were helped just because he was a little bit stronger than what we thought” my mom answered my question, but how did they know about that “Well, word travel fast for demons, and who is that boy seems like an odd kid, but tonight’s about celebrating!” she was all about excitement tonight. The morning, not the best way to wake up with a boy you have never meet in your entire life, I pushed him aside and the weird this was that everyone in the family was drunk asleep as i was going to change I saw the guy, he was so familiar in a way then it occurred to me the guy from the hospital, I ran out the door not caring if I wake them and ran after him and caught up to him I walked with him while I caught my breath then I asked him
“Remember me? I was the kid on that be-” before I could even finish he interrupted me
“Hi, I’m Mark, and yes, I do remember you, but have you thought about my question at all?” wow what a great question to ask, why can’t it be like how are you, or how well do you know your powers
“I’m Kate, and yes I have been thinking about your question” to be honest I really wasn’t thinking about it at all since I saw him “Um, like I know how to create stuff out of air” I wasn’t really thinking that hard really, and he looked at me like I was the dumbest kid in class, “sorry”  I added before he teleported somewhere else, I just stood there just looking at the spot where he was standing and after a couple minutes Sam pulled up in his car
“Hey sunshine, need a lift to school? Or back to your house to get ready for school?” 2 questions in one that’s a new record
“Mm, to my house please and wait for me outside” and I winked for good measure, as I was getting in the car, I moved his long blond curly hair out of his hazel blue eyes, then I moved my hand away then blushed and looked out the window
“OK, please keep your hands by your side then we can start, by the way, you should button up your shirt a little” then that’s when I noticed it and blushed even harder when I was done, I didn’t even look at him for the rest of the ride when we got to my house I rushed up to the door and went  to my room, not even noticing that they were up and mad at me then I came back down and made my lunch, it wasn’t perfect but it was healthy, I think.. When I opened they door he was right where I left him I opened the door, got in then he took off to school I was still tired and I slept all the way to school. When we got to school the first thing I noticed is that guy jack I think that was his name was still alive “how is that possible you killed him yesterday, how” I took his hand and  I started to whimper
“Well , looks like he took a heart yesterday, well let’s get to class we don’t want to be late do we?” ok I really can’t disagree with that, so I let go of his hand and got out of the car, and then I was rushed by all these people, they were happy, excited, “what’s happening right now” I guess he didn’t hear me or he ignored me, then i looked at that demon.
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