And the winner is... #2

And the winner is... #2

For now there will be no diolage for who is out and there will be a recap

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Chapter 1.
Take the L

Take the L

Last time tori team  last time
Everyone got 0 votes but dog tags and match
Dog tags:1
The people with no votes will vote for only dog tags or match
Pencil vote:dog tags (of course she would  not vote for match what you expected)
Sign vote:dog tags (she thinks he's too bossy)
Keinoa vote:match (he annoyed by match saying like most of the time and hates that's she's ever  exist)
Bubble vote:match (match her a beber)
Match votes:3
dog tags:2
Gold vote:dog tags (dog tags always tells gold no jokes and take this serious)
Candy bar vote:none (he took too long to vote)
Fedora vote:dog tags (she thinks dog tags is too dirty)
Flower vote:match  (flower thinks she's more beautiful  than  match)
Final  2 votes and final recap!
Dog tags:4
Rocky:match (he thinks match is annoying)
Sapphire crystal:match
Match is out
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