FNaS Book 1: The Golden Days

Wow. The first book of the FNaS series. This book is about the two main characters, Jamie and Golden, to find out how they was killed by a man and turned into animatronics. There trying to find out what happens and who did this to them. Find out.!

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Chapter 1.

The Golden Diner (Jamie)

March 8, 1981

Well. It was a normal day today. The kids were playing, listening to our songs, see them eating pizza and having fun. Everything was sweet and cool. I was always in Golden's side. But... You don't know the true story that what happens. What happens here stay here. And nobody don't know the true story.

It was the year 1979. I was just walking the Golden diner with my brother and my best friend. We will always see the golden Animatronic. He will always sing for the little children. But when I was listening, eating pizza,  I heard a voice. This voice was a man. I turned around a see a man holding a Golden Plush. He told me "Hey. You want to see something cool.?" I was looking at him. "Sure." I said. So I followed him and he hold my hand.

We went to this room and he shut and lock it. I was kinda scared for a moment. "Is there something special in here.?" I told him. He responded "Oh yes. There is a special surprise for you. He pulled out a knife and stab me a couple of times. I tried to scream but he covers my mouth. He left out the room and left me there. He did the same thing with my bestfriend. Me and my best friend was there. Laying on the ground. Until a girl she was wearing all rainbow colors, saw us and got scared. So what she did is put us some masks on and make us into animatronics like humans and the next thing we know that she disappeared. We was just sitting and sleeping.
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