Krew Bios!

Krew Bios!

The YouTube Krew is 5 siblings playing games and walkthroughs! And they have this big community of people called Krewfam! They're mostly the subscribers/donaters and supporters! So here's everything that you need to know about them!

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Chapter 1.


Betty is the Oldest out of Krew, she is mostly the parent of the group.
Height:        5 ft 5 in
Weight:        58 kg
Date of Birth:        September 10, 1992
Zodiac Sign:        Virgo
Eye Color:        Dark Brown
PaintingRainbows is a Canadian YouTuber who is best known for being the oldest sibling of the YouTuber family that consists of ItsFunneh, GoldenGlare, LunarEclipse, and Draconitedragon. Besides that, she is also noted for the Roblox and Minecraft gaming videos that she uploads to her YouTube channel and also in collaboration with sister ItsFunneh.
Born Name:
Betty La

Nick Name:
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Oh and if you want extras like links, pics or anything let me know TvT and I'm adding domenga Funnehs daughter XP
15 days ago