Kidnapped (gravity falls story)

Kidnapped (gravity falls story)

The story is most likely A Copy write. Though i changed it abit. There is still a video on youtube on it.. So yeah. Hope ya enjoy!

published on September 14, 2014112 reads 30 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
Where it began...

Where it began...

(Typing)Its 2017,6:45 PM, Mabel was at a Sleepover with Candy and Grenda....our parents went to gravity falls only for this summer. Sadly. My great Uncle Stan Passed away cause of Cancer,Wendy is about to go to collage,and Soos Got a REAL job. My parents Randomly Dissapear. Thats why. Everyday I am always alone...Though i never stop Discovering Secrets in this town! I found a Special Crystal. The journal says it Contains,a magical power but it does'nt know what.
(Done typing)

'Hears a Bang noise' "Whats that?" 'Grab's Crystal and Flashlight and turns on Flashlight' "Hello?hello?Mabel?Soos?Wendy?Mom?Dad?Hello?Anyone?" 'Gun load noise' 'drops Flashlight and runs' "HELP!!!!" 'Smack'

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