the wounded demoness and the western lord (one short Sesshomaru story)

the wounded demoness and the western lord (one short Sesshomaru story)

This is a one short story I maid of a Sesshomaru fans. its about a dog demon just like Sesshomaru and how she saves Rin and in doing so gets hert. When Rin levees to get Sesshomaru and comes back he makes her a servant in his house hold.

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The in counter and the new Taitil

The in counter and the new Taitil

This story is about a dog demoness named Moriko Akahana  (means child of the forest / red rose).  Shes 20 (human years) 103 (dog years).  Her powers are poison wipe, poison clews, controls water, grait haler, fast on her feet, and stealthy.Shes a dog demon from a small village close to Sesshomaru's lands and loves the forest.  She spend most of her time fighting with others or in the forest running around.  Her mother and father are the leaders of her village so they keep trying to get her to pick a mate but she all ways refuses them.  She loves humans and protects them when need be.  She stole a spell book from a witch when she was little and studded it so she could help heal the people in her village.  She has long silver hair, blue eyes, skinny, nice shaped body, pail skin, and some markings on her.  Moriko walked around the village looking for her mother to ask her something but just as she saw her a flock of bird demons started to a tack from the sky.  Quickly summoning her wipe she sliced some of the birds and tried to help the others around her the best she could.  As she helped the others one of the birds grabbed her shoulders digging its clews into her shoulder from be hind and picked her up off the floor flying off a way from her village.  

Looking down at the trees below her she know if she fell she would be servilely wounded but had to return to her village to help them be for they wore all killed.  As she summoning her poison to her hand she waited for the bird to be distracted, then grabbed its lags tautly.  The bird screeched in pain and instantly let her go but she keeped her hold on its lags tell she saw another bird coming at her.  When she let go the other bird went strait to the other bird that once healed her.  Not caring for them Moriko looked down, then watched as she fell closer and closer to the ground.  She redyed her self for in packed and try to min over her self so there won't be so much damage.  As she hit tree branch after tree branch she keeped her arms covering her hied and landed on her right side when she hit the ground.  Pain shot through out her body but mostly on her right said she landed on.  Holding her breath tell the pain subsided a little she tried to tack in little breathes knowing she brook some ribs.  

Grunting in pain as she moved to lay on her back she put up a shield around her as she sensed the birds come for her a gain.  Just as she herd the birds she sensed a human headed her way and know the bird would go after the human if they couldn't get to her.  Struggling to stand she relised the shelled around her and pro paired to fight.  Just as the birds appeared in her sits she herd a little human girl gasp but had no time to look at her and jump out the way of the birds a tack.  Jumping into a tree she dogged there a tacks, then jumped off a tree branch to slat one in hafe with her clews.  As she a tacked another one, one flow be hind her and got her on her right side.  

Ignoring the pain in her side she killed the bird in front of her but just as she was going to go after another one she herd the human scream and looked to see one of the bird chasing her.  Not wasting time she ran to the humans aid well she held her side in pain.  When she was close a nofe she sliced the bird in hafe and went after the last bird that flow over them.  As she got closer to the bar she released it was bigger then the others but didn't stop and a tacked the bird.  Grabbing the birds lags she through it to the ground leaving a dent in the ground.  Not wasting time she appeared next to it and used her wipe to rappe around its neck and pulled making the wipe sliced its had off.  Moriko looked at the died bird angrily be for she dropped to her knee's in pain.  All her moving around maid her muscle aike even worser then be for and dropped to the ground on her left side trying to slow her deep breaths that couscous more pain in her ribs.  Just as she got her breathing to slow down she sensed the human girl approach her and looked at the girl.  The human stopped short when she did but then continued to go torts her.  When she was at Moriko's side she neild down and looked her over.  

Are you ok, can I help you in any way?  The human asked concerned as she looked at Moriko's face.  You could levee, more of thoughts birds will come for me and............ it would be easier for me to kill them if I didn't have to protect you as well.  Moriko said plainly but stopped short in pain be for she continued.  The human girl looked Moriko up and down be for she ran off.  Mentally sighing Moriko laid there trying not to move so her wounds could heal.  An hour latter she sensed the human a gain but this time there was a strong demon with her.  Struggling to stand she forced her self to walk torts the human to see if she was ok and was pro pared to fight the stronger demon even if it meant her life.  When the human girl came in saint Moriko saw a hansom demon with long silver hair walking be hind the human girl as if following her.

Mentally sighing she once a gain forest her self to walk a way from them and torts her village.  Just as she reached the end of the forest she sensed a bird demon coming from be hind her and quickly tern around slicing the birds had off be for it could get her.  Man thees things don't give up do they.  She said to her self as she killed another bird.  Well she was bis y holding a bird to the ground one cam up from in front of her and pushed her a way from the bird she held to the floor.  Getting up she looked up just in time to see one of the bird heading strait for her but didn't have a nofe time to move out the way and got stabbed in the stumick from the bird stabbing its beek into her.  Gasping in pain she grabbed the birds neck, then moved it a way from her and sqeesed its neck tell its hied popes off.  Quickly killing the last bird there she drooped to the floor once a gain felling vary week.  Rocking her had side to side two times trying to stay a wake tell she sensed the human a gain and the demon that's with her.  She tried to stand but her body refused to obey her and stood right where she was.  There you are, "lord Sesshomaru I found her."  The human girl said happily, then yelled be hind her and ran up to Moriko.  

Just as the human kneeing down next to her the demon that she saw with the girl appeared.  Once a gain Moriko tried to fores her self to stand but failed and errand a concerns look from the human.  What happened to you, when I last saw you, you didn't have that wound on your stumick?  The human asked concerns well looking at her face.  I told you levee, not come back later to see how I'm doing.  Moriko struggled to say in pain as she looked at the human.  Rin, lets go.  The demon the human call Sesshomaru said emotionless as he looked at the human.  But Lord Sesshomaru she needs help, plees heal her with your sword.  The human girl named Rin said pleadingly as she looked back at him.  Sesshomaru looked at Rin, then to Moriko who was nearly died.  Tack the human and levee be for the birds return.  Moriko said in pain, then terns her hied so she wasn't looking at them.  She could fell her life slowly fading and know there was nothing she could do to prevent it from happening.  The last thing she herd be for darkness took over was the birds screeching and a wipe slanging through the air.  When she came back the first thing she herd was a sword being put back in its seethe and felt strong a gain.  

Opening her eyes she saw Rin next to her with a smile on her face, then looked tored Sesshomaru to see him be hind Rin.  Sesshomaru looked at her plainly, then started to walk off and called for Rin as he went.  Rin jumped up happily and ran after him but stopped just be for she was out of sait.  Aren't you coming, lord sesshomaru won't be happy if you keep him waiting.  Rin said happily as she looked at Moriko.  I'll meet up with you later, I need to see if my village is safe.  Moriko said nicely as she stood up and headed torts her village but stopped short at Rin's words.  The village that way was distorted by the bird demons, well you wore sleeping I went over there to get something for you but came back when I saw every thing on fire.  Rin said sadly as she looked at her.  Moriko looked torts her village, then back torts Rin and walked up to her.  Not saying a word she let Rin lead her to Sesshomaru.  She stood with Sesshomaru for 3 years watching over Rin and the others well he was gone.  When he defeated Nuraku he spent most of the time in his pales working.  Moriko became a servant in his house hold tacking care of Rin.  Another year went by fast for Moriko but she didn't mind.  

She released as the months went by Sesshomaru seemed to start looking at her strangely and giving her gifted.  She liked the gifts a lot and started to grow feelings for him but know it was forbidden.  One day as she was playing in the garden with Rin Sesshomaru showed up.  Rin instantly ran up to him and hugged him be for going back to playing.  Sesshomaru walked up to Moriko, then stood next to her watching Rin run around.  Moriko, would you do me the honer of becoming my mate?  He asked emotionless as he looked from Rin to her.  Moriko blushed madly as she looked up at him and shook her hied yes not aibil to find her voice.  Sesshomaru smirked at this, then stood by her watching Rin.  After that day Moriko became his mate and barred him children that looked like them.  Rin started to call her mother once she found out she became Sesshomaru's mate but Moriko didn't mind and thought of Rin as her doughtier.
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It wasn't good..neither did I liked it...
I LOVED it ^-^
It was very well thought through but, at the end it kinda went down-hill...
U had:
*great caracters See More▼
on March 10, 2015