The Great Race 2

The Great Race 2

Ready for a race around the world. For 1 million dollars. 18 pairs of 2. This is basically like The amazing race.

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Chapter 1.

Start the race

Sparkerp: Everyone will start the challenge in the order they finished last challenge. Competitors can grab the first tip.
Lydia: There's no shock we're first.
Jack: The tip says, take a taxi to the airport, and catch a plane to Basel, Switzerland.
Ryan: Move it, our turn to get a tip.
Lydia: Fine. TAXI!
Taxi: *stops*
Ryan: *jumps onto Taxi* MINE!
Musicians: *run into taxi*
Jack: Great, they took our taxi.

-at the airport
Ivy: We need a flight Basel, Switzerland.
Worker: We have 2 flights. First one leaves in 20 minutes.
Sparkerp: Due to bad counting, the first plane only has enough room to fit 13 teams. The other 4 teams are going to have to wait 45 minutes.
Ryan: Whoever gets the second flight, it sucks to be them.

Kayla: we need a ticket.
Worker: I'm sorry, this flight is all filled up. You'll need to wait for a new flight.
Paige: Dang it. Last flight again.
Kayla: You need to work harder.
Paige: Yes. Cause I'm the only problem.
Kayla: Exactly.

Sparkerp: Fashion stars, Pranksters, Scaredy cats,  and Mechanicals are stuck on the second flight
Haxed: T-this s-s-sucks
Cooper: Yeah.
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on November 12, 2018