The Challenge Around the World 8

The Challenge Around the World 8

16 characters. going around the world, for another million dollars. I'm too lazy to think of a new prize, so i'll use the same as last seasons.

published on March 0324 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimination time. (is this even needed)

Joey: Hey Tristen. You know what time it is.
Tristen: wait... since we lost Attmoz last episode. Do we really need another elimination?
Joey: *throws parachute to Tristen* Does this answer your question.
Tristen: yes...
Joey: Drop of shame awaits. I'll be nice. You're the last member of your team. I won't push you out.
Tristen: Ok. *jumps off plane*
Joey: Well... that was fast.
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Preds back : O
on March 03