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i had to make some hot fanfiction because caleb wants me to uwu nya. (:

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kiss my thumb

julian woke up. it was not her bed. confusing isnt it.
he was confused too. he was in a lab. no, not a science lab. monokuma walked it. "HELLO JULIAN!!"he said in his stupid high weird al yankovic voice. "WHAT THE FRICKA?" julian was SH00K. he pushed past monotuba and saw all the students of the third hopes peak academy.
"Hey JULZ!" bosbos exclaimed. "BOS WHAT THE FUCC. WHy ISNT THIS PLACE RUBBLE AND ASH!!" caleb poked out from behind gonta's giant shoulders. "We all got sent here because the world is ending." caleb explained, pushing up his (gl)asses.
"WHY IS EVERYONE ALIVE???" julian yelled like yee steep. "gonta thinks not everyone is alive, but momotuba revived gonta and classmates. besides kaito. kaito is bye bye." gonta slangedededdd. "tenko and angie are alive, so im happy!" himiko screeched very hapily.
tenko slapped himikos ass. "DAMN STRAIGHT YOU DEGENERATE MALES" tenko started default dancing. "atua says it is my turn for ass slapping!" angie bounced up and down. tenko whooped her ass until she flew in space and saw kaitos rocket.
"NO MY ATUA-PRASING WIFE" bos screamed as she used a jetpack to fly away. "I'm sure they'll be back!!!!!!" kokichi liyed. "you are lying you lying layer" tsmugi said in response. "Well, you're lying about not being the mastermind." sushi said pushing up his hat.
everyone was shook. kirumi dusted tsmugi and then she was revealed aS THUMB!!!! "whattya doing ya fuccin thumb??" miu asked as her boobs grew eyes to look at the beta. angie fell on top of miu and her boobs deflated to himikos size and they became un cronchy.
"i killed the real ryoma so i could be noticed." thumb beta said, pointing his thumb to the back of the room. ryoma was hanging with a rope made of fish while his motive video played on loop. "now time for step too!" thumb evilee laghed.
an airdrop appeared on everyones kubpads and kubtampons. "PSA - THUMB INCOMING" julian and caleb didnt get it because they wee too busy smooching on the science lab table. everyone accepted it besides kokichi and tencrotch.
they all got hypnotizing mondo eyes. then thumbs appeared in their eyes and they had death seizures. tencrotch ran up to dead himiko and died. then kokichi and thumb took over the world the end.
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Yay for Kokichi and Thumb for taking over the world
on March 05
on February 17