Akame ga kill! Assassin's work

Akame ga kill! Assassin's work

This is a story based on the anime "Akame ga kill!" it contains element of the manga too. Please enjoy.

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Another recruit for the Night Raid

"So, this is the capital...How many people..." I can't believe it, I am finally in the capital, the only place in the world where I could make enough money. It is so...so enormous.
"Ok, where I should start...maybe I can hire me as a handyman or a runner. The army is out of question. Maybe if I work hard I can make enough money..." While I was doing these thoughts aloud, this girl with blonde hair and golden eyes comes close to me.
"I was hearing that you want to make some money, is that right?" She was wearing some...ehm...exotic outfit I should say...for a moment my eyes lingered on her...
"Hey, what are you looking?"
"Wha-?! N-nothing!"
She made a weird grin "Did you enjoy what you saw?"
"What?! I-I didn't see nothing!" Yeah...but my red face was saying otherwise...
"Ihihiiii...yeah, right. So are you interested in a small job?" She continued to grin, a thing that made me suspicious.
"What kind of job."
"Would you date me?"
"Please, I feel so alone..." She started to hug me and make sweet smiles. I couldn't think, also because my face was between her boobs, and it's not easy to think in that situation.
"I-I...s-stop!" But she didn't stop. "Wha-what the hell, leave me. Tell me only a reason to date you! We just met!"
"Aww... seriously? Uff, if that's so. Bye-bye." She started to go away. What was wrong with that... Why am I feeling lighter? Wait a minute...
"HEY! GIVE MY MONEY BACK!" I started to chase her, but man, she was fast...and also good to hide...
"Damn! Now I have to work for sure..." But it was almost night, so I decided to look for some place to sleep.
I found it under a bridge...Ok, now I'm very sad.
I tried to sleep...but some guys came close and started to piss me off with insults and kicks.
"I'm trying to sleep here, if you want to do the idiots, go somewhere else."
"Aww, the scum wants to sleep...isn't that sweet? If you want that so much..."He started to kick me "I'll make you sleep for a long time!"
Suddenly a feminine scream interrupted their game, making them run. I got up, and went to see who made that scream. What I saw left me astonished: 7 dead bodies, all of them ripped, like an animal went through them. In the middle, surrounded by the bodies, there was a woman, shocked in fear. A big man was in front of her, with a strange greatsword ready to strike. Instinctively I took a sword from a body, and ran, putting myself between the woman and the man, shielding her. That guy was strong, I could barely parry the sword. That man, his seen...it made me chill. Those were the eyes of a demon...
"Eheheh, look who we have...a young hero...it will be a pleasure to kill you...we came only for that woman, but we'll kill you too." He smiled, revealing his sharp teeth.
The woman didn't run, stood there.
I can't allow an innocent to get killed.
I used all my strength to reject him, and I took the woman away. We hid behind a huge wood chest, hoping to be not found.
"Hey, hey look at me. We'll be ok, do you hear me? We'll be fine." She seemed to calm a bit. "Stay calm, ok?"
"If you don't do it, I couldn't do a clean cut."
That bastard found us, I tried to hit him, but he dodged and kicked me on the wall. Only now that he was in the moonlight I see that he's one of the captains of the imperial guard. How, how could he do something like this... He should protect the people.
"Now die, you bitch." "Please, please, have mercy...I, I-" he took her throat. "You gave me a girl, I ordered you to give birth to a boy."
I can't move...I must do something...or that woman...
I gathered all my strengths, and charged him.
Maybe I can't kill him, but I can give enough time for her to run. I jumped, to attack him from the high "HEY! ASSHOLE!" He turned, and parried my attack. I left the sword, and rapidly hit him in the stomach, in the left knee, and gave him an uppercut in the throat. He left the woman, and tried to cut me in two, I crouched, from the down I held his arm and jumping I broke it with my knee. Then he punched me in the stomach, breaking some bones and sending me against the opposite wall. Then he held me for the throat, I couldn't breathe...
"You little shit...I won't let you get away with that..."
I...can't breathe...I...
"Don't you dare to die in this way, I want you to suffer."
He let me go, only to take my sword, and plant it in my shoulder.
"Yes, yes, scream, scream more. Suffer."
He started to punch me in every part of my body...until I didn't move anymore.
He started to go to take his sword, but I took mine off of my shoulder, and planted it in his back, where the heart should be.
I felt, looking around I saw that the woman ran away...at least I saved her life...
He launched me in the air, to strike me when I come down. Something or someone took me while I was falling...and another cut in half the captain.
"Hey, are you ok?"
That face...those golden eyes... "You..."
"Hey, you recognized me. Hi."
"Give...back...my money..."
"Hey Nee-san, we should go back. We retrieved what we came for. Huh? Who is he?"
"Hey Tatsumi, do you remember that guy I talked you about, that one who's like you."
"Huh? Is he?"
"Yep, and for what I saw, he can be a good assassin. So we'll take him with us."
"What? Me, an assassin? No way."
"Ihiii, I don't accept a negative answer."
Aw man...
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