Joanna Hearts High School

Joanna Hearts High School

In a world where everyone is magically gifted, these young apprentices soar high above your everyday folk. They are the Hearts High Hellhounds, the cream of the magical, slightly irradiated crop. And news flash; they're better than you.

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Chapter 1.

YOUR HEROES (in ABC order)!

Cassis Steele - a hotheaded little demon with insane firepower
Guillotine "Gil" Robado - a spitfire demon who specializes in the magic of the blades
Impura Seitan - the daughter of the Devil, the Queen of the Underworld, she specializes in death magic
Ingliss Eloisia - an elemental witch, able to harness all four elements at once
Jack Hearts - the son of the lady in charge, he specializes in hat magic
Margot Pczelleaux - the princess of the light realm, wielder of the four light stones, and keeper of the piece
Robin Everette - a vegan vampire with control over lightning and thunder
Victor Hugo - named after the famed author and poet, this prince of light is destined for greatness
Xander Stark - fresh out of hell, a flaming bisexual, a shapeshifter, and our leading man's roommate

Duchess of Diamonds - a young, beautiful woman with a tendency to throw herself at unsuspecting boys
King Jonathan - Joanna's loyal husband who is also horribly terrified of her
Queen Joanna - the main antagonist and owner of JHHS
Spade - Joanna's favorite servant and right-hand man
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