I'll always be yours (Manic X Me)

I'll always be yours (Manic X Me)

Hey what's up my DJ's, it's EJ. Today I have a story about me and Sonic Underground

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Chapter 1.
How we meet

How we meet

(In this story I am a purple hedgehog with dark brown hair, I am wearing a purple shirt with black sleeves, black shorts and purple sneakers)

Robotnik: EJ, I want you to go into the forest, there are some friends in there I want you to say hi to
Me: Okay
I end the call and I go into the forest, minutes later... I get lost

I look around and sigh
Me: I gotta find a way out
I look behind me and see someone, I gasp quietly and jump behind a bush. I make myself sad and I start crying so the things don't find me suspicious, I hear them stop talking then I hear hem say something
???: Do you guys hear that?
???: Yeah, what is that?
???: It's coming from over there
I hear footsteps beside me but I ignore it to see what happens
???: Yo dudette, are you okay?
I look beside me and see a green hedgehog with crazy hair, I gasp slightly and i realize it's... Manic from Sonic Underground, I have had a huge crush on him since I first saw him which was when he first saved me

Run! Run! Run! I accidentally trip over then Robotnik grabs my arm, I look at him and growl
Me: Let me go!
I punch his arm but he doesn't let go, he grips my arm painfully and I start getting tears in my eyes then I see someone behind him on a flying hover board
???: Let her go!
Robotnik looks behind him and gasps, then the stranger kicks Robotnik, Robotnik drops me and I fall to the ground. The stranger grabs me and puts me on the hover board with him, he looks at me but I can't see his face because a shadow is on his face
???: Hang on
I nod and I wrap my arms around his waist from behind, we flew away from Robotnik and I watched him get smaller and smaller. When we were far away from him the stranger stopped and let me off, I got of then I looked at the stranger and I could see him perfectly, he was a green hedgehog
Me: T-t-thank you
Hedgehog: No problem
He winked at me and got back on his hover board then he looked at me
Hedgehog: Gotta go, later!
He blasted of and I just stared at him then I smiled

I snap back to reality and look at him
Me: Y-yeah, thanks
Manic smiles and puts his hand out, I smile and take his hand then he helps me up, he looks at me then raises an eyebrow
Manic: Do I know you?
I nod
Me: You saved me from Robotnik a few months ago
Manic: Oh yeah, I never got your name either
Me: Elektra, but everyone calls me EJ
Manic nods then smiles
Manic: We should find my sister and my brother
I nod then we both walk out of the bush and we see Sonic and Sonia standing there, they look at us then I see Sonia smirk slightly
Sonic: Hey Manic, who is that?
Manic: Remember that girl I was talking to you and Sonia about?
Sonic nods then Manic smiles
Manic: This is her
Sonic looks at me and smiles
Sonic: Nice to meet you
In a blink Sonic was right next to me, I gasped then he smirked
Sonic: You know, the night when Manic rescued you he was talking about you all night
Sonic winks at me then Manic gasps
Manic: Sonic! Don't get the wrong idea
Sonic chuckles then he whispers to me
Sonic: I think he likes you
I look at Manic and I see him go over to Sonia, she smacks his arm then he smiles, I look at Sonic and he looks at me, I raise an eyebrow and cross my arms
Me: Do you think he actually likes me?
Sonic scratches the back of his neck
Sonic: He probably doesn't but I think you two would be a cute couple
I blush slightly then I punch his shoulder
Me: Shut up!
Sonic laughs then I look at Manic and see him talking to Sonia, then I see him look at me, smirk and wink, I blush and look away from him then I hear him chuckle, I smile to myself then I chuckle as well

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@Corbijn3andNolly Oh, that's okay
on July 03, 2017
the plot twist was that the whole time it was incest? Okay, there definitely should be a mutual breakup scene after that
Your getting into the story really well then
Actually I skipped to chapter 4
on July 03, 2017
on July 03, 2017
on July 03, 2017