It Smells like Weed- (a Boyf/riends one shot)

It Smells like Weed- (a Boyf/riends one shot)

This is my first one shot/fanfiction you swines, so do not judge me if it's poorly written. This is a short story of the two dudes- Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere- taking place in post-SQUIP time. They aren't together just yet, but this is a fluffy scene from the two of them that I tried to write. This story can also be found on my Wattpåd. Try to enjoy!

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It Begins

It Begins

It started with his damn phone. Jeremy and Michael had been out, just roaming around town. It had been a few weeks- maybe a month- since the events of the play occurred. Michael had finally gained the courage to ask Jeremy if they could hang out again, being, of course, nervous due to the whole getting ignored situation. A simple movie was all it was, then they went to McDonald's. But after it was over they had to run through the streets, Jeremy baffling nonsensical stutters as he wanted to smash his phone. They were about to miss the bus, because SOMEONE's phone was on silent when the alarm went off.
"We're almost there, buddy!" The shorter male huffed as they ran, trying to keep up with Jeremy. But just before they reached the corner, the bus took off, leaving the two of them to wait on the next one for about 15 minutes.
Jeremy sighed in defeat, sitting on the bench as he slumped down. "Sorry, Michael," He grunted, Michael seemingly not caring all that much however, "I thought I turned the ringer back on after the movie."
"It's all good," Michael replied, hopping into the seat next to him and pulling some of the snacks he snuck into the movies out of his hoodie pocket, "It'll only take a bit. Besides, we're entertaining enough to pass the time!" He nudged Jeremy, handing him a half-melted chocolate bar as he got his phone out.
Jeremy gave a small nod, taking the chocolate as he began staring into space. It still felt a bit weird not having a voice constantly speaking to you in your head, but Michael was there if he needed to talk. He sighed, a chill crawling up his spine before he hugged himself for warmth. The sun was going down and the weather was getting colder.
Michael, of course, noticed this, and chuckled as he placed his phone down. "Cold?" He asked subtlety, Jeremy nodding in response.
"You know what the problem is? You're wearing short sleeves." Mich pointed to his shirt as they both slowly glanced down to the Eminem logo he had been wearing. "Why do you still wear that?" He asked, a brow raised. "You don't even listen to Eminem."
"I-" Jeremy found himself tripping over his words as he attempted to explain himself to Michael. "I-It's a cool shirt. Everyone likes Eminem..." Michael's reply began as a smile, rolling his eyes.
"I don't. He's generic." He shrugged, pulling at his sleeve to take his hoodie off. "Here, wear this. I'll be fine out here but your skinny-ass is gonna freeze to death."
Jeremy blinked in confusion, putting a hand up to stop him. "Michael, you don't have to do that! It's fine!" But, by the time his sentence was finished, Michael had been sitting there with a simple white T-Shirt on, his red patch-filled hoodie resting in his arms.
"It's no problem, man." He tossed the hoodie to Jeremy, helping him to put it on as well. "Just give it back by the time we get to my house."
Jeremy nodded, sitting in silence for a few minutes, before finally making a comment. "It-" He chuckled a bit as his words stumbled, "It smells like weed." Michael began laughing at this, shaking his head.
"Duh, Jeremy! I own marijuana and you know it!" He still felt a little cold without his hoodie, so with a small nod to himself, he huddled up against Jeremy and gently placed his head onto his shoulder, picking his phone back up and scrolling through a meme page.
Jeremy tensed a bit, his eyes gazing over to Michael every so often before getting nervous and looking forward again to watch for the bus. His hoodie felt warm and comforting; something that he had always been used to for more than half of his life. A feeling that he had unknowingly craved ever since he had first gotten the SQUIP. It was comforting to have that feeling back, but what he didn't know is that his heart rate also picked up. Jeremy felt his face heat up slightly as he got the sudden urge to run a hand through his best friend's hair, to hold him close and don't let go for awhile, even wanting to give him affection- more than normal friends should be giving. He hesitantly lifted a hand to touch Michael's hair, a bead of sweat forming at his forehead before he suddenly stood up, Jeremy quickly placing his hand in his lap during the confusion.
"You coming, Jere?" Michael asked, a dorky grin spread across his face. That's when Jeremy noticed why he moved; the bus was here.
The bus ride had been pretty awkward for Jeremy, hesitating to even make eye contact with Michael. His thoughts raced in his mind as he tried to figure out what he had been feeling. It felt familiar but also so distant, Jeremy staring out the window as his face scrunched up slightly. A few minutes passed by, before he felt a tap on his shoulder, causing him to jump up due to being startled.
"We had a deal, man." Michael had been standing there, a hand held out to Jeremy. "It's my stop. Give the hoodie up."
Jeremy nodded, sighing as he took the hoodie off and handed it back to Michael, watching as he left to go into his home before the bus pulled away, heading over to Jeremy's house. He missed the feeling of that hoodie already. He wished he had followed Michael and stayed at his house for the night, just to have that comforting feeling again. He would shake his head as the bus went around towards the next stop, before his eyes widened, his sweat running down his cheek as he blinked nervously. He had finally realized it.

He had another stupid crush.
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