The Shadow's Speak

The Shadow's Speak

A girl, imprisoned, and about to be sentenced to death for no reason, finds the many secrets about the life she has been living. With the help of a few friends that have the same issues, she finds her way around the things that scare her most.

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Chapter 1.

He's got talent

I want to go outside. I miss the warm sun. Those summer days when all was well, those wonderful freezing winter days, it all feels like a dream now. I miss the way I was always yelled at to put a coat on or the way the cool lake water felt. I miss the times of being in school with my friends and the way we goofed around. But that was my old life. This new life of mine is filled with painful screams and shouts, cold concrete floors and thin mattresses on sheets of metal and sleepless, worry filled nights. What will become of us? Dust and bones fading into memories as time passes us? An abrupt death by those monsterous beings? A shrill screech ripped me away from my thoughts, I blinked a bit before walking to the bars of my rusted cell trying to look down the prison hall.
"Who do you t-think that was?" The boy across the hall from me whispered in a shaky tone. He's managed to become a friend of mine in the time we have been here. He came about a week after I arrived.
"I don't know...possibly 357?" I questioned. Since none of us remember our names since we came here we use our numbers the guards call us.
"It s-sounded a lot like her..." He looked down before going to a corner of his cell grabbing something and coming back to the bars. "You may b-be able to put this to use..." He slid a piece of wire over to my cell and I caught it.
"Um...thanks...I don't know what to do with it but it may help a friend..." I looked at the wire a bit more. How did he get this?
"...I got it from the kitchen..." He looked down after speaking as if he read my mind.
"You are one talented kid." I laughed. A buzzer rang and the cell doors opened telling us we could have some free time. We smiled and walked into the hall going down it and into the "green room", the "Green room" Is a glass room you can see the freedom outside but can't touch it, the floor is concrete and the room is basically a gym with some tables in a corner and an old stage.
"87?" He questioned to me.
"Yeah?" I smiled.
"W-Will we ever go out there?...outside a-again?"
"Don't be silly, of course we are!" I laughed. "We just need a leader to guide us." He smiled lightly at me a bit of hope in his eyes.

I was awoken by the loud speaker calling numbers off for tomorrows next victims, I got up and looked at the clock that hung in the hall, 3:34 it read.
"94...76...334...53...87...789...657...554..." The numbers kept going as I sat in shock. 87? They called me off? Their coming for me in a few hours? I've only been here for six months! They can't be calling me off this early!
"87...87?" The boy across the hall called to me, his voice soothing as if it where the only thing to save me from the rest of this world. I looked up to him, my body trembling in fear as I did so. "I won't let them hurt you...ok?'ll be fine, we're getting out of here together no matter what..." He smiled a real smile, a smile I haven't seen in this hell since I got here. "Try to get some'll need it for what happens tomorrow." I nodded and walked over to my bed still dazed and, lay down so that I face away from him. How can I sleep when I know I'll be killed for nothing? He can't save me, they have the upper hand. I just don't want him to get hurt, or worse...killed. I was still trembling in fear and I knew that 43 was staring. It was almost as if I could sense his emotions, he feels sorry for me and just wants me to be ok. He didn't even stutter like his usual self, I guess he felt like he needed to take charge to calm me down. Anyway, what was with the "You'll need it for what happens tomorrow"? What does he have planned? Did he just say that so-
"Could you please stop worrying? I know you better so don't say you're fine, just get some rest..." I smiled and closed my eyes. He's one talented kid.
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