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This is just a scary story that I know. :) I hope you like it! (It will forever be unfinished. Also, the reason I didn't put a picture and won't ever in this story is that I'll probably scare myself silly.)

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Chapter 1.

Thump, Thump, Drag

There were three girls; the youngest, a five year old named Annie, the second youngest, ten years old, Izzy, and the eldest, fifteen years old and named Violet. Their parents had gone off for their twentieth anniversary, leaving Violet in charge of the house.

The three sisters were upstairs. Violet was reading to Annie and Izzy was playing with her stuffed animals. Suddenly, there was a bang and a clatter, and a sound like shattering glass and a creaking door. Violet froze, stopped reading, and got up. Telling her sisters to be as quiet as they could and lock the door behind her, she crept down the steps to see what had happened.

Downstairs, one window was broken, and the front door was open. But no one was there. Violet headed for the phone, about to call 911. As she picked it up, there was a thump behind her, and she whipped around. There was Izzy, motionless, her throat slashed open. But no one was there.

Violet was desperate, and immediately began dialing 911. A woman picked up, and said, "Hello, what is your emergency?"

"Please help me! My younger sister Izzy is dead! Someone broke in, and Annie is alone locked upstairs, please help!"

"We'll pinpoint your location immediately. Meanwhile, keep the phone and get somewhere safe."

Violet ran upstairs, and beat on the bedroom door, the phone in one hand. "Let me in, Annie!" she called, the loudest she'd speak. No answer. Suddenly the woman on the phone spoke again.

"We've located you. There's you and your two sisters. We can't find anyone else."

"I only have one sister!" Violet shouted into the phone. "My other one is dead! Annie and I are the only living people in here!"

"You're wrong!" the woman said, her voice growing louder. "There's someone else! Get your sister and get out of there, now!" Violet pounded on the door, and began to scream. "Annie!"

Then she froze. Turning around slowly, she came face-to-ace with a men. He held an axe, and as she faced him, he swung it.

She opened her eyes in a haze. she had no legs. Or arms. The man dragged her down the steps by her hair. Then he went back up. Knowing she'd die in seconds, Violet began to drag herself up the stairs. Thump, thump, drag. Thump, thump, drag. But it was too late.
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