People with Magical Abilities called Magesters are casted out into the world outside the City walls and Shunned by most of the towns. These People go Mad and Powerhungry killing each other so they could take each others powers.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

(Jake POV 15)

We ran as fast as we could throught the forest, with another group of Magesters chasing us.
it was nearly impossible for us to see where they were it was so dark we were lucky we didn't run into any trees, the only light came from the torches of our predators.
"Where did they go?" We heard a Man shout

My friend Lyna Grabbed my wrist and we ran
we ran and ran but we never seemed to get anywhere even remotely away from them
we hid inside a cave and stayed quiet for what felt like an hour until it was dead quiet with nothing but the wind rustling in the trees
"Where's Duncan?" I asked her
"He and the others should be safe, but we gotta focus on our situation" She said lighting a piece of wood on fire to keep us warm. We were fairly deep in the cave,  so I don't think they'd find us, or atleasy I was hoping.
Outcasted at birth me Lyna were together for like ever, with Only Duncan to care for us he calimed to know each of our parents but who really knows with that guy. He was a Trained Swordsman who protected us and who was teaching us to use our abilities even though we had yet to see his ability.
I was Able to project an energy based construct with my magic, to create a force feild, a sword, a lazer and basicly whatever I could imagine but the limit of my abilites only goes so far for the time being.

Lyna was pyrokinesis, meaning she could create, expand, control, and extinguish flames, she quickly learned how to fight and use her power with qreat force in short she was a genious.

There were more people in our camp but we usually kept to ourselves, I looked towards Lyna who held her crossbow close to her chest as she watched the entrance of the cave.
"You could sleep" She said kindly despite our situation, Normally people would be on edge responding angrily or seriously.

"Alright" as I begun to drift off to sleep peacfully
I didn't feel scared with her watching my back, I knew she woulf never hurt me in truth I look up to she, she is like my sister and she is also my Hero.

(Lyna POV 15)

That Mission went way off, we were supposed to be in and out
nice and easy, it was almost like they were expecting us...Duncan, something is up
I look down to Jake who was fast asleep hugging his little sheild and sword. it was kinda cute

Monsters,Magesters,Magester Hunters...there was no one we could truly trust but each other
I don't even fully trust Duncan, he sent us here to steal an artifact which we have no idea what it does or why he needed it, but whatever it was, it was valuable to those guys.

I heard a noise outside, suddenly the forest fell silent something knows we're here
I held My crossbow up aimed towards the narrow entrance of the cave
waiting for whatever it was to reveal it's self.

Jake, I will Protect him at all costs
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