UnFigured - A Monthly WebStory

UnFigured - A Monthly WebStory

An ass-kicking camaraderie face a new world after college. Follow them as they conquer adulthood, face important decisions, experience rocky relationships, and chase after their dreams. This is UnFigured.

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Chapter 1:  Life After College

Chapter 1: Life After College

     My alarm beeps, every vibration bombarding my short sleep. I thought life after college would be more laid back and independent. I wasn’t wrong about being independent, but somehow that word doesn’t have the same ring to it. I was now severely in my adulthood, and being forced to mature fast, or a least know how to handle situations a whole lot better than college, which was a little lonely for me. Being lonely now was the norm. Making friends after school was so complicated and awkward, resulting in me avoiding the situation at all. I still have a few friends I keep in touch with, but other than that, I was lonely as hell. At least I had Riley.
       “Hey asshat— wake up, or I’ll eat the breakfast I prepared for ya, “ Riley teased. Opening my curtains and revealing the bright light, my bestie since our 2nd year of college, got me out of bed. Riley had been to some extent, helping me survive my, or rather our, new life as “adults”. We lived in a simple but stable apartment in San Francisco, and my roomie was definitely handling this a lot better than me. Although I wasn't completely failing, Riley had this shit handled. She had been planning her future since we met. Riley hasn’t had a great past, as her ill-mannered, careless parents disliked her, and even more, her grandma, the only hope, had died when she was 6. She was obviously enjoying her present life, and graciously helping me as well. Because she had been living in such a poor state and household, Riley knew cleaning, cooking, and many skills helpful to support herself.
      I sat up in my bed, as Riley left the room while humming to some popular pop song. Our apartment was pretty nice, considering I had been working two jobs full time. Riley has one job, but I’d say her second one is dealing and assisting me. Riley and I have the strongest bond. I literally couldn’t live without her.
       Walking to the tiny living room after using the bathroom, there was a distinct smell of waffles. Yes! I greeted my best friend on the couch and we ate our delicious meals together.
      Riley’s an excellent cook, she has to be at least decent, no one else cooked for her when she was younger. Her dream is to own her own restaurant, and things haven’t been the best. She’s working a great job right now as a sous chef and doesn't need to go anywhere as of now, Riley tells me, but I know she’s been trying to get someone to jump start her own business.
      Riley’s androgynous, meaning she’s a female, but she has the appearance more of the stereotypical male. She’s also bisexual, being attracted to females and males. She has a brown pixie cut, and warm blue eyes, and is super dependent on herself and no one else. It’s hard to get in control when she’s around, but it’s not like I need to be anyway. She’s pretty laid back and flexible, for example, she quit smoking abruptly when she found out my father left me at the age of four because of his dangerous habit.
     Oh right, about that. I, Claude Owen, was raised by my mother, Emily Owen, in Texas. My father left me, which comes as a huge surprise, but to be honest, I have no anger toward the situation. I love living with only my sweet mother and can’t imagine my life differently. When I was seven, I moved to California, where I am currently living.
      “Are you serious? Damn bro, your boss is a total jackass,” Riley retorted, while sipping her coffee. “I still can’t believe he made me redo my training just cause I did one extra pump of vanilla on an order. I could of made another coffee!” I sighed, resting my face on my hands.
     As I stated earlier, I work two jobs, a coffee worker and a florist. I despised my job as a coffee worker, rude customers and terrible coworkers— I couldn’t wait to leave. On the other hand, I loved being a florist. My mom has always loved gardening, and passed that onto me. It’s so cute when old couples come in to buy flowers I had worked so hard to keep healthy.
      Looking at the small, beige watch on my wrist, I realized— “Shit! I gotta leave for work! My boss is gonna kill me! Thanks for breakfast!” I interjected, rushing to my room to get dressed. Shit, shit, shit. I can’t lose this job, I needed it for my dream career! I’ve always loved drawing and video games. That's why I studied animation and computer programming in college. I wanted to be a video game producer, and still have time for my love of gardening. I can’t afford to get fired.
      Running through the apartment, I got my keys and left. Spotting my Cerulean Blue Mini Cooper, a cutie I named Wes, I got in and floored it. I missed a couple red lights, but made it to the coffee house in a belated arrival. I work at “Echo Espresso”.  I’ve been here for a year or so, and so far hated it. I could never tell my mother though, she’d make me quit cold turkey if she knew I was unhappy. It’s good to know she’s always got my back, but sometimes I’d rather have her not worry.
      “Just let me slip in,” I repeated in my head, increasing the speed in my steps until they’ve made it to the back counter. “Whew...I’m safe. Just need to slip on apron and no one will know I’m la—”
     “Hello Miss.Owen, nice to see you’ve joined us. Late,” my boss sneered, letting me know that there was a way to make me loathe this job more. “If this happens again, I’m gonna have to let you go.”
      “Yes sir, it won’t happen again.”
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