The Only One (1)

The Only One (1)

Mira Hamasaki X Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!) Here's the Valentine's Day story you guys were waiting for! My bad for posting it so late, I procrastinated writing it earlier today, wrote it on my way home, and then procrastinated posting it! XD Anyway! Enjoy the story!

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It was a typical day in the city of Ikebukuro, well, not necessarily actually. Today just so happened to be February 14th, Valentine's Day. The city was bustling about as usual but with couples on dates or friends having a good time with one another. Markets were filled with various Valentine's goods such as sweets, particularly chocolates, flowers, you name anything romantic they probably had it. Even Russia Sushi had a discount on different sushi and of the fatty tuna (for a happy Izaya).
Mira Hamasaki stayed inside however, as usual for every Valentine's Day each year. She didn't particularly fancy going out on Valentine's Day and neither did Todd, her Great Pyrenees. It bothered her seeing people have such fun and her entirely alone because of her being a successful hybrid cross between human and dog. She could care less about that though, even though she wasn't born but made that way, she can't turn back to the way she was no matter how hard she tried anyway. What she really cared about was her, Todd, and Sai's safety. Todd and Sai were both Great Pyrenees dogs belonging to her father, Mike Hamasaki, who was a dog fighting champion and lab scientist. She despised him, and what's worse was he now knew where she lived.
Her eyes showed signs of insomnia as she sat down on the couch, Todd laying right beside her with his head comfortably on her lap. Mira couldn't help but smile at Todd, she had loved the Great Pyrenees dog ever since she and a certain blonde bartender rescued him and a few other dogs from her hateful father. The only thing Mira was worried about after that was getting into fights with her father, which has had several occurrences to her displeasure.
Mira's German shepherd tail rested at her side, before she got up to which it wrapped around her and she covered it over with her hoodie. Her dog ears were then covered by the hood of her sweatshirt, making her look like an entirely normal human, aside from her canine teeth which were replaced with dog's fangs instead of human teeth. People found that normal though, as some people have pointed canine teeth.
"I'll be back in a second Todd." She said looking to the dog who lay on the couch looking at her curiously, who then gave her a nod of "ok" and she walked outside into the frigid air. It was relatively cold outside, no surprise since it was February and still winter time. The brunette 23 year old girl decided to go check her mailbox, since there might be something important left for her, you never do know. Opening the mailbox there was in fact mail for her, but there was something that caught her eye, a red box.
"What the?" She queried and took the mail out along with the box. Upon looking at the box it was revealed to be a red heart filled with chocolates. Who gave this to her, of all the people in the world? She shrugged the thought off for the time being and walked back inside her house. After shutting the door and setting her shoes by it, she sat back down on the couch and looked through her mail. Nothing unusual except for a valentine from her sister Sora, which she found sweet of her younger 20 year old raven haired sister, she'd have to thank her later. There was also a valentine from her childhood friend Izaya Orihara, which was relatively unusual since he'd visit instead. Perhaps he was busy and couldn't show up, Mira didn't mind. Finally she reached the red box of chocolates, which had a note on top of it taped down so it would stay. Flipping it open it read:

Dear Mira,
I heard from Celty you've been having a fairly rough time with your father, and a hard time sleeping. I want to let you know that you aren't alone, and that I'm here for you. I'll protect you, Sai, and Todd, I promise.

Mira was surprised by the note, she couldn't help but be curious about who sent it to her. Who would send something like this to her? She had never gotten anything but a valentine from Sora every year on this day, so why now?
Just then Mira was snapped back into reality as a knock sounded at her door, causing her to get up and answer it. Looking through the peep hole in her door she noticed who it was and opened the door. Standing there was Izaya for his usual visit.
"Hello Mi-chan~!" He said in his usual sing song voice, causing Mira to smile.
"Hi Iza-kun! I take it you want to come in." Mira replied joyfully and stepped aside, letting the Orihara inside her home, which he took that gesture and walked inside, taking his shoes off and setting them by hers and hung his typical furred jacket up.
"I see you got my valentine to you."
"Yeah, thanks for that Izaya. I don't have anything for you though in return." Mira lied, she actually had hidden something in her hoodie pocket knowing the brunette Orihara would eventually show up for a visit.
"Oh? That's too bad~." Izaya frowned slightly. Just then she held out a bag to him, which was filled with fatty tuna from Russia Sushi, one of his favorites.
"Just kidding!" Mira giggled as Izaya happily took the bag and peered inside.
"Ah how nice Mi-chan! You didn't have to though."
"Nah I wanted to! Besides you're my friend and it was on sale." Mira said and smiled, Izaya in return chuckling a bit and sat down on the recliner, Todd going up to greet him joyfully.
"Hello Todd~." Izaya said to him as he came up, ruffling a hand through his fur. Mira sat down on the couch and relaxed once again getting comfortable.
"Hm?" Izaya looked up at hearing his nickname Mira had given him, providing her his attention.
"Just out of curiosity, did you send me a box of chocolates as well as a valentine?"
"No I didn't, but I may or may not know who did~." Izaya sing songed, as usual hinting he actually knew something but was keeping it away under lock and key like the sly person he was.
"Who was it?"
"You'll have to find that out for yourself, Mi-chan~." Izaya replied simply and Mira shrugged off the thought, maybe her address was mistaken for someone else's. That solved that question to her. She decided to change the subject and move on to another topic.
"What's been going on with your weird board game? Anything new?"
"Yes actually, a fairly big move too~."
"Tell me!"
"Well, it involves you and a certain someone."
"Details Izaya, details!!!"
"I can't tell you."
"Awwww!!! Why not?!" Mira whined and Izaya smirked.
"It's a surprise~."
"No fair." Mira said and pouted, crossing her arms as her dog ears flattened. Izaya merely chuckled at her behavior, joyful as always.
After an hour or so of just talking with one another, Izaya left and returned back to... Whatever he usually does. His usual routine. That left Mira by herself once again with Todd. The house got quiet until there was another knock at her door. This made Mira curious, maybe it was her sister this time? She doubted it since Sora lived on the other side of Ikebukuro, but decided to get up and answer the door anyway. Standing at her doorstep was none other than Shizuo Heiwajima, which surprised her entirely! Shizuo had never come to visit her before, Mira didn't even know he knew where she lived!
"Shizuo!" Mira shouted out surprised.
"Hello Mira." Shizuo replied, for once not actually looking pissed off, but fairly content and relaxed. Mira stepped aside allowing him inside, which he took the offer and placed his shoes next to hers after taking them off.
"What're you doing here Shizuo?" Mira asked after shutting the door. Shizuo sat down and noticed the box immediately.
"You got the box I sent." He said simply and Mira blushed faintly surprised. So it was him who sent her the chocolates and an even sweeter note to her!
"Oh that was you," Mira exclaimed and Shizuo nodded his head. "Thank you Shizu-kun! I would have gotten something for you if I knew you were coming." She sat down by him a little upset she couldn't return the pleasant gesture.
"Don't worry about it. You're the only thing I want on Valentine's Day." Shizuo replied causing Mira to blush a deep red. For the rest of the day the two of them went out and had an enjoyable time together, which included watching a movie, walking in the center of the city, and to Mira's relief, not being hit with any sort of heavy object Shizuo would manage to rip out of the ground and hurl at someone (*cough cough* IZAYA!). It was a day possibly neither of them would forget.
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