Don't Say Goodbye..

When Maggy Silvester a Mc'tern Highschool student gets struck with some horrible news, her life is turned upside down...

published on May 12, 201512 reads 3 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Dear Diary, April 17.

Tomorrow is the day when i start my senior year at Mc'tern. I'm really excited! I'M GONNA BE A SENIOR! I wonder if it's gonna be like all of the movies i see. Ya know, A lonely senior finds the boy of her dreams and they end up graduating together, and a family! I wish that would happen. I know that Maroon (her real name is Julia, but she loves Maroon 5, so the name stuck haha) will be excited to. She is the kid with ALL a's! She's so smart, it's amazing haha. Well, i have to go get my stuff together for school tomorrow! Bye diary!!!
<3 Maggy S. April 17

I closed my book and put it under my bed, where i always put it. School is really scary for me sometimes, because i do have anxiety, and i'm always scared of people judging me. But this year will be different! I will be the confident girl! I walked to the dining room, where all of my stuff was sprawled across the table in a messy way.
"Okay, Binder.. check! 3 comp notebooks... Check!" after all of my mental preparation i packed it all in my bag.
"Maggy!! Julia is outside!" Mom yelled, she was downstairs taking care of my brothers.
"Okay Mama! Tell her i will be out there in a minute!"
I heard her talking to Maroon, I walked downstairs and Maroon was standing there, her diary in hand. We always shared our diary's, we had been friends since 4th grade and we got really close, i knew everything about her, and she knew everything about me.
"Hey gurllllll" I said
"Hey!" she replied, glancing to her diary, she did that when she had written something in it.
"Hold on, lemme get mine" I said understanding that we were going to switch them and read them.
I got my diary and we went outside under the Magnolia tree in my yard. She handed me her diary and giggled, this must be about a guy haha.
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Aww sh!t I'm crying man...
on May 12, 2015