New Keeper

The town of Valx Reach has been attacked by waves of monsters every night and with no keeper the town is on it's last leg, but finds hope when a strange boy and girl falls from the sky.

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Chapter 1.


-The Keeper of a town known as Shadow Fall had accepted a job to escort the Dragon priestess thru the old ruin to find a place known as the Dragon shrine...

The gray haired boy in a large hooded blue jacket looked down to the broken bridge at his feet.
"Great now how are we gonna get there?" He said as the blue haired girl walked the his side.
"Come on, this is nothing" the girl took a few steps back getting ready to make a jump across the cliff side.
"Alright Dragon girl, think you can make that jump?" The boy said
"I know it" she said confidently as she made her run.
She jumped high up making it half way across before she started falling, but before she fell a platform of blue light appeared gently bouncing her the rest of the way across.

She turned to the boy with a smile.
"Your turn Mr.Keeper!" She waved.
"I don't think so...I'll take my chances with the monsters, see you at the shrine." he said as he wanted down a different path.
"Right, I'll meet you there!" She said.

The boy had walked down until he reached a large room with an old fountain in the center completely void of water and gates blocking the two ways out.
"And to think the elves actually once lived in these caves" he said before both gates slammed shut.
"Typical Reapers..." The boy drew his sword as ghost like monsters appeared around him wielding scythes.

A monster teleported beside him.
The boy countered it, slaying the first monster.
Each monster suddenly started moving together towards him.
He dodged each quick slash with ease
and responded with his own.
Monsters started turning to dust with each one he striked.

Suddenly two large alpha reapers appeared one had a red aura around him the other with a dark blue.
They moved quick for their size quicker than the little ones
The boy was unable to avoid their attack and was knocked away.
With his hood down a stream of blood fell down his face.
He glared at both of them with his bright white eyes as he pulled up his big left sleeve revealing a robotic arm the transformed into a chainsaw.
He moved in to attacked but the reapers disappeared and reappeared with several illusions around him.
His arm turned into a cannon that started to fire quickly demolishing each illusion before they could respond leaving none in the room.
the real ones appeared at both sides trapping him with both of their scythes slicing through him easily.
But the big they sliced trough was his own illusion and the real one was right above them with his arm sniper killing both of them before they knew what hit them.
He landed safely on his feet pulling down his sleeve before pulling his hood over his eyes.

He arrived to the shrine to see the Priestess staring at an old orb.
"Is this was we came for? The artifact?" The boy questioned
"Yes...I assumed you cleared the way" she replied
"You could say that"
"Great let's-" she reached for the orb but was stopped by a bright light that emitted from it.
The girl heard a voice calling "Save this land..."

Before she could speak the light had surrounded the room blinding the two.
"Earthquake! Hold on!" The boy shouted but the girl didn't feel anything other than stillness up until the boy grabbed her hand.
"Wait?" She shouted but it was to late they fell down into and endless pit, weither it was them falling down a cliff or some teleportation magic was unclear but they were falling.
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